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    Blood Drive at the Rose Garden (D rank Job)

    Zagar Nyx
    Zagar Nyx

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    Blood Drive at the Rose Garden (D rank Job) Empty Blood Drive at the Rose Garden (D rank Job)

    Post by Zagar Nyx 20th August 2020, 10:44 am

    [Spoiler]Job Title: Blood Drive!
    Rank: D Rank
    Player Requirements: Any Rank
    Solo Word Count: 500 Words
    Group Word Count: 1000 Words
    Job Location: Rose Garden
    Job Description:
    The time has come for Rose Garden's blood drive! The person running it has asked for mages to assist in doing the drive to make the patients feel a bit more at ease. They have a list of all legal mages, and the dress code requires no hats or hoods to be worn inside. Dark mages are instantly arrested, but those with a neutral guild insignia that they willingly show are permitted. In short, you will be going around entertaining the children, serving food, serving drinks, helping those who had blood drawn walk to the dining area and catching them if they fall, as well as aiding to keep those who fainted from overheating.

    Reward: Rank EXP, 5,000 jewels, and notice from the Magic Council for your selfless efforts[Spoiler]

    A white portal opened in the air and a young man in a tailored outfit stepped out, he was lean and while not very tall he had a presence that naturally drew the attention of others. Stepping out of a spatial gate was a great way to get noticed. He approached a young woman in a white coat and offered his guild insignia and his help. His first task was to alleviate the nervousness of the younger kids who had volunteered. Zagar eagerly accepted and using his Pocket Dimension, he pulled out a table, a white ball, and three cups. He had the kids gather round as he set up. "Everyone, my name is Zagar Nyx and I will be your entertainment for the day." He waved his arm and doves exploded from around him, flying into the air to the ooh's and ahh's of the kids.

    "This game here is called the Shell game or the cup game. It's very simple to understand." He showed the ball and slipped it under a cup and began moving the cups around, flowing them at extreme dexterous speed. "Your job is to work together and find the ball, the first group to get it right gets a prize, and so on and so forth." As he talked he never stopped moving the cups. Finally he lifted his hands and opened his arms out to the crowd. "Any takers?"

    A pair of young boys stepped up and pointed at the cup on the left. Zagar opened it showing the white ball and clapped. "Very good, got a couple of eagle eye players here." He pulled out a two stuffed bears from his pocket dimension and handed it to the boys. He was glad to see the nervous energy had been swept away, replaced with excitement and anticipation. Dropping the ball back on the table he weaved it around the table with the other cups, he noticed a young girl who's eyes were flicking rapidly with each movement. "Young lady, would you like to try?" he was eager to see if she had followed the correct cup and woah behold she pointed at the right one and got the ball. Zagar whistled and pulled out a stuffed butterfly and handed it to her. "Good job, now. Let's kick it up a notch shall we?"

    He pointed at a couple of older teens to step up. This time, his hands were a blur as he moved the cups around. His eyes on the teens while his hands worked the cups. "Keeping a eye on it? You got it?" He stopped moving and opened his arms. The teens leaned over and whispered before pointing at the middle. This time however it was empty, he opened the one on the left and showed the ball. "Close."

    He turned as the nurse came up and whispered her thanks for his distraction and they were finished. He waved at the kids and in a storm of doves and colored smoke, he slipped into a gate. Vanishing.

    507 words

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