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    Chased! [Solo Job]


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    Chased! [Solo Job] Empty Chased! [Solo Job]

    Post by Renji 1st August 2020, 12:17 am

    A stolen bike wasn’t exactly what Renji expected really when he read about the job’s details. It was simple enough for Renji, but it did bother him that such a job even existed on the board. At first Renji thought it had to be a joke of some kind, but so far as Renji approached the law enforcement office. That possibility quickly became zero as he drew closer to the office. A sigh escaped from his lips as he didn’t want to believe this job was real.

    Not much of words was spoken from Renji as he entered and collected one of the missing bikes notice. The designated bike that Renji picked up was an absolute beast from the looks of it. Supposedly the bike looked like a heavy magic-powered vehicle. It sported a pair of wing-like exhaust pipes as it possessed flame-like decals.

    ”Well that shouldn’t be too difficult to find. But something tells me it’s not going to just be out in the open.” Renji muttered to himself as he turned to walk out of the office. Renji took some time to investigate the last location of this bike and he found the trail which led up to a rundown bike shop. The bike shop was staffed by a family that named themselves the Serpents. Their leader went by Clive, Clive Serpent to be precise. In truth the process only took a couple of hours to go through everything, and even then Renji was delayed half an hour as he figured out which bike shop that was his target.

    Sure enough, Renji approached the Rugby’s Shop as loose sand was carried along in the wind. The dry heat was annoying, but Renji had grown used to it. Just outside of the shop were two rough looking men as both wore the mechanics overall uniforms. Albeit the bald headed man with broad shoulders had a tattoo of a mermaid on his left arm. The other had dark hair and greasy stains on his face and clothes. Both were working on a light-weight bike that really looked like it was meant for speed.

    ”A little bit away from home aren’t ya kid.” The deep voice came from the big guy as they noticed Renji’s presence coming up to them. Renji shrugged his shoulders before responding.

    ”Eh, I’m always at home.” A short response, but the mermaid-tattooed man got up while wiping his stained hands on a rag before approaching Renji.

    ”I don’t see any bike, so are you here for parts?” Surprisingly the guy didn’t possess that aggressive hospitality that Renji usually saw when somebody committed a crime, or was about to. Instead the guy was down to earth and straight to the point. Renji nodded his head as he spoke.

    ”Something like that. I’m told you would know where I would find bikes that are on sale around here. Is that true?” The mention of bikes being on sale caused the big guy to chuckle. Almost as if he’s heard of that line before. The mechanic would rub his thumb over the rag in his hands for a moment before speaking.

    ”You’re another one of those mages from the guilds right? Stolen bikes?” By that point, Renji didn’t see the point to lie right now so Renji nodded his head. The answer made the guy shake his head in disappointment.

    ”That boy never learns. There’s a kid that goes by the name of Savul Serpent, my nephew actually. He’s not here right now, but I can show you where he sometimes will hide bikes he’s stolen.” It was a bit worrying that this wasn’t the first time a mage came up to them over the same thing. Renji could see the disappointment like a parent would be in their own kid. Still, the guy kept to his word as he led Renji behind the bike shop where a small junkyard could be found. It was fenced in as the gate had a lock, but the big guy already had the key as he fished it out of his pocket to unlock the gate.

    It was a short walk when they came upon what would’ve been a clearing on the far left corner, but instead they came upon several bikes of various types. There was one particular bike that stood out to Renji, and that was a heavy model with wing-like fenders and flame decals.

    ”That’s the one I’m looking for.” Renji pointed it out, and the guy extended his hand out to Renji.

    ”The name’s Clive Serpent, and the next time I see Savul I’ll drop him off at the damn law enforcement’s doorstep myself.” An exchange of hands as they introduced each other. Then Renji got on the bike before attaching the magic intake strap which remained snug on his left arm. Once he started to pour his magic power into it, the engine stirred as it began to purr like a kitten. It was both exciting and scary at the same time to Renji, but he steeled his nerve as he revved the engine twice. Once Renji disengaged the brake, Renji practically rolled the beast out of the junkyard.

    Once Renji got up to the front of the bike shop as Clive was behind him. Clive was about to bid farewell when suddenly a loud sharp voice called out from Renji’s left of the road.

    ”Hey! What are you doing on my bike?!” The teen looked over to the source as there was another roar of an engine. Riding on another bike was a skinny man wearing a denim vest with a pair of blue jeans. Clive barked at the incomer.

    ”Yours?! Don’t you mean another bike you bloody stole you nimwit?!” However Renji didn’t wait as he revved the engine once more before accelerating rapidly down the street away from Savul. Of course, the angry thief shouted after him as the guy gave chase. The main benefit on this bike is that it was slightly faster than Savul’s, but the magic power that it consumed was rather intense. Renji thought he was going to be okay until the teen heard a bang that seemed to quickly followed up with an instant sharp pain on his left shoulder. It felt like something struck him, but he couldn’t see what it was. So as his body quickly cloaked in flame before revealing a red coat with orange-blue feathers along the bottom. Renji looked over his shoulder to perceive that Savul had a gun out just before it fired a second bullet which hit Renji at the center of his back.

    Luckily, his coat absorbed the damage as the magic within it kept the bullet from breaking through, but it still stung. Renji hissed in pain as he could feel something wet trailing down his left arm. Renji lifted his right hand with his palm faced skyward, he manipulated his magic power which slowed the bike to produce a condensed baseball-sized flame over his right palm. Renji turned to fire off the sphere at Savul, but Savul swerved to evade the ball. Then proceeded to fire a third bullet that struck Renji's back, which thankfully his coat once again absorbed the bullet’s damage from piercing flesh.

    The teen placed both hands on the handlebars as they neared a three way turn. Renji lowered the acceleration as he engaged the emergency brake which slowed his rate of speed as well as enable him to have turned the bike to face towards his left. Once he successfully turned, Renji released the brake before accelerating away as Savul less gracefully turned around the corner. Again, Renji charged up another Blazing Sphere and threw the baseball flame at Savul when Savul had little room to evade. While the ball didn’t strike at Savul’s chest like he intended, Savul pivoted his body’s position so that the flame would only strike against his shoulder. However, Savul quickly discovered that the sphere ignited his vest and there were a few surprised yelps before it eventually drowned out.

    After that, the young mage didn’t encounter any more of Savul or his potential lackeys as he drew close to the law enforcement office. By that point one of the feathers from his coat plucked free and poked Renji’s bleeding shoulder. A soothing, warm sensation washed over the young man as the wound began to close. As he arrived at the office, exhausted as he was, Renji informed one of the officers about the bike and proceeded to walk the bike over to the impound. In truth Renji did had fun as he drove the bike. Renji thoughts drifted over to actually getting his own bike at some point. The feather that poked Renji returned to the coat before it vanished like a flicker of flame. Truthfully Renji had not thought he would be this drained from casting a couple of spells, but Renji also drove which consumed his magic power as well. Such a tiring yet thrilling experience. With his job completed, Renji decided it was high time that he got home now.

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