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    Family Pride


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    Family Pride Empty Family Pride

    Post by Elara 21st July 2020, 8:23 am

    Motor City had quickly become one of her favourite spots that she had visited. It was loud, vibrant and the previous job that she had taken part in there had managed to get her blood pumping. Her reputation among those who lived there was mixed but that was pretty much how it was everywhere for the bunny girl. She had a style that people either loved or hated and her reason for being in the city today was to deal with a few who were in the latter category. It had reached her notice that a hate club had been created just to spite her mother and Miranda was somewhat amused by it. It was rare for her to feel anger and even now, she did not feel much of it. Yet, she was curious as to the reasons why they had decided to target her mother specifically and with any luck, the situation would end up becoming violent. It had been a while since she had last allowed her spirits to beat someone to a pulp and what better way to solve than taking out some smart mouthed idiots?

    Her search for the group had led her to an abandoned warehouse and the blue haired mage had wasted no time in searching the place. A search that at first first proved fruitless but eventually, her enhanced hearing had begun to make out voices and she soon found herself coming out of a corridor to find herself at the top of a metal stairwell, giving her a fine view of the main area of the building. The place was littered with old pieces of vehicles although most of them by now were rusted and unusable. She briefly wondered why it was abandoned but the answer soon became obvious. It had not been willingly abandoned, it had been taken over by someone else. Her quarry, the bunny girl assumed.

    There were about a dozen of them in all, making themselves quite at home among the graveyard of metal. Some were gambling, some were drinking and there was one figure who seemed to be preaching about something, a figure whose face was covered by a mask. Pausing at the top of the staircase to listen, Miranda crouched down, the expression on her face soon changing from mild amusement to immense irritation as she did so. His words were not just about disliking her mother but it seemed that he was aware of not only Miranda but her sisters too.. How he knew of that was troubling and it caused her to briefly ponder if perhaps there was more to this group than she had realised. It was something that she needed to know.

    "Why do you hide your face, coward?"
    she suddenly said, revealing herself by standing up again and beginning to walk down the staircase, "I have been hearing rumours of your dislike for my mother and yet you refuse to come out into the open. Tell me, oh masked man, what is your issue? How has my family come to earn your ire?"

    "Heathen!" he yelled, as the other members of the gang turned to face her as well, the expressions on their faces showing a wide array of emotions. Some were fearful, some were angry and one of them was so drunk that he could probably see three of her, "You dare show your face? Your mother is a menace, who was bound in that prison in order to be cleansed of her wicked ways and freed by a sinner. Yet, you, a monster that she created using her foul magic has the nerve to come here and face us? I speak for the angels and I am their champion."

    "A champion of what? Pussies?" Miranda answered, a smile crossing her face, "The angel's that you speak of do not have the courage to show their faces, just like you. They were stupid enough to believe that my mother could be contained by such a pathetic scheme and now they ask a human to undo their mistake? I’m not going to stand for it. My mother’s not here to teach you a lesson but I am. I’ll bury you all here for bad mouthing her in such a way and believing in those idiots from the heavens. Die. Now.”

    Raising a hand, she would summon her most powerful spirit to her side. Aquarius, a member of the zodiac. “Aquarius, slaughter them.”

    With a smirk, the spirit jumped from the stairwell and landed among the startled mage's. Before they could even cast her a spell, Most of them were inexperienced and a blow or two of her powerful punches were enough to take them out or make them run. They were clumsy and their pitiful gun magic mostly ended up hitting their own men instead of her. The masked figure quickly ran off into the depths of the warehouse, leaving his maggots to fend for themselves. It was an absolute massacre and the building was soon coated red. Aquarius laughed wickedly at those she defeated.. Her water abilities tore through the opposition, rendering their defences completely useless. There was only one winner here.

    When the minions were dealt with, she then dashed after the leader, whose footsteps she could still hear, as well as his heavy breathing. It was futile though as she soon honed in on his fleeing from and when she was close enough, she surrounded her body with water and launched herself like a torpedo towards him. The mage smashed into him, lifting him off his feet and sending them both into what remained of an old car. The collision was powerful but he had taken the brunt of it, allowing the water spirit to recover quicker and create and start to spin, creating a massive amount of water blades, which she fired at his staggering form. The jagged edges caught him in the stomach and the mage chuckled as his life drained away, causing him to collapse on the floor.

    To his credit though, he did stand up again, placed his right hand against his hip and pulled out a blade. A longsword, covered in ice and thrumming with power. Miranda knew what the blade was just by sight, a weapon of the angels, usually wielded by someone far stronger than this fool.

    She was unafraid and simply grinned from her position on the stairwell, "You are not worthy to wield a weapon of that magnitude. It is bound to only one person and you are certainly not them. Watch now, idiot."

    As she spoke, the blade began to radiate an icy aura and began to freeze the fool in place. He shrieked and cried but there was nothing that could be done. After a few moments, he was completely frozen solid. The blade then fell to the ground, before vanishing completely. The mage then nodded towards her spirit, who turned back to the frozen idiot, summoned all of her strength and punched what was left of him, shattering his body into pieces.

    Satisfied, the bunny girl nodded her head and turned away, her loyal spirit following her. The cult was dead and a message had been sent. Anyone who spoke poorly of her family would pay the price.

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