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    Were going on a beast hunt (Featuring Dr Sunshine)


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    In Progress Were going on a beast hunt (Featuring Dr Sunshine)

    Post by Roboturbo 21st July 2020, 3:30 am

    The journey begins as a familiar Doctor Sunshine Wearing a coconut mask is making his very way down the rock and dirt path, Currently the doctor is in one of Earthlands biggest forests woodlands, Sevenland a massive place teaming with shrubbery and flora, it is a nice place to look at, but the Good doctor Sunshine doesn’t have the time or patience to admire mother natures work, while continuously walking he takes out a piece of paper from his many pockets and examines a job poster, it reads: Feral Beast sighted!! Help wanted from Sevenland. Reward: 5,000 jewl -Beetroot Town"

    “Well well" Said Doctor Sunshine in a curios tone, he continues to say

    ”This Feral beast is making quite the bother for these towns folk don’t you think?”

    Doctor Sunshine’s question returns with a response from the still calmness of his inner voice

    (It’s quite already obviously seem to be a problem Doctor, ether way don’t try something we both know you could do)

    A agitated groan bellows from the Doctor as he passes by a wooden sign with massive lettering saying “Welcome to Beetroot town” The Doctor finally arrived as he came across a decently average town, with wooden houses standing tall and a clearing in the middle of town, But strangely no soul is on sight, the Doctor has a odd chill crawling down his back as he looks around while walking to the centre of town, Still not seeing anyone he calls out for anyone to here

    Hello? is anyone still alive in this town?”

    A small window from one of the houses opened and a scared looking man in a hushed Voice quickly calls out Dr Sunshine

    “Shhhhhh!!! What are you doing?! do you want the beast to get you?”
    The Doctor quickly turns around and is surprised that there is still some intelligent life left, he tugs on his collar and pulls out his pristine Passport

    “I am the scientific genius Dr Sunshine”
    he said proudly
    “And I have been sent by my guild Silver Wolf to take care of your beast problem”

    As he finished speaking the Doctor’s inner voice interrupted him

    (Scientific genius seems like a stretch)

    The Doctor whispers to himself

    (“Well your a voice, so that makes us even”)

    The scared man is at a lost for words and then begins to cry in joy, he quickly ran out of his house and greatly hugs Doctor Sunshine

    “Thank the gods!! they have sent someone to save us! Thank you, Thank you!!”
    Doctor Sunshine is a bit flustered at the moment but before he can ask the man to limit with the hugging he’s eyes spot even more people staring at him though the many windows from the houses, the looks on there many faces give doctor sunshine concern, they are the faces of frozen fear, Dr sunshine pulls the man hugging man off him and puts a hand on his shoulder “The hugging is very appreciated, but can you please tell me what happened, sir?”

    The man at first looks at Doctor Sunshine, then looks around

    "Come inside with me, Quickly!”

    said the man in a shaky voice

    “It’s much more safer then outside”

    He then leads Doctor Sunshine into his home, it’s pretty average, with a working stove, a single bed and a brown leather couch, they then both sit together down on the couch and the man recalls his story

    “My name is Birchwim Slims, I am a farming working on the crops in Beetroot town, at first everything was fine, we had the most richest harvest the town had ever had, and plans to expand the town were coming underway, but that all chawed ever since The Beast came to our town, none had seen it’s true form but many say that the creature had talons sharp as knifes, a beak tougher then steel and a horrific roar that can fractured one’s very soul, at first we all thought the beast was just a myth, but on the morning to reap our harvest everything was gone! crops eaten, seeds pillaged, it was an absolute nightmare... so the town decided to send our strongest warrior to hunt down and kill the beast, but when he returned he was covered in bloodied scratches and most of his bones were fractured! now everyone dares not to go outside again, even our mayor has locked himself inside his own building to keep the beast out”

    Birchwim’s hands start shaking franticly in fear

    “And that was how it happened, so please Dr Sunshine, will you please save Beetroot town?”

    It’s been two hours later and Doctor Sunshine with his trusting "Poseidon’s Wrath” hunts alone in the thick green jungles, so far no sight of the beast that terrorised the village folk of beetroot now, not only doing this for the people or the money but curiosity of what this “Creature” could be? it Possibly could be a basilisk, but they would just turn the farmers into stone then rather get there claws bloody, and this creature only cares about stealing the crops and food from the fields, so this means it’s a animal of the herbivore spectrum, putting the very few clues together gives the doctor a bit of relief, if this beast doesn’t eat meat then at least the doctor will be spared the fate of being someone’s dinner, yet again that village warrior got massive “Wreaked” as the kids say it, Doctor Sunshine would have to be V.E.R.Y C.A.R.E.F.U.L

    But as sudden then a horses mood swing, a distant rustling nose can be heard as the Doctor quickly turns around with his steam rifle at hand to see bushes with shaking movement, Doctor Sunshine with quick instinct aims his weapon at the bushes while keeping a distance to not be pounced, this is it, this have to be the beast that Birchwim has speaked of, But yet still unsure as he haven’t seen another animal here while searching, the rustling sound gets more louder with the bushes going more frantic moving from side to side, Doctor Sunshine prepares to pull the trigger when this beast reveals it’s full form, until at last a creature with orange talons, a bright yellow beak and brown jungle feathers emerge from the jungle brush, revealing it’s terrifying form to be a menacing..... small Jungle chicken?

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