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    Returning Home

    Kyra Velkhomme
    Kyra Velkhomme

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    Returning Home Empty Returning Home

    Post by Kyra Velkhomme 4th July 2020, 1:07 pm

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    The imposing structures and the high-rise subways sent a chill down Kyra's spine. It had been quite some time since she had returned to this place, her old home of Reinford. Situation at the center of the city was the towering mass of brick that was her old home. She sighed, not looking forwards to returning to this place that had caused her so much grief in her past. Her siblings probably did not remember her, her parents probably did not want to see her, all of the high-level people within the city wanting to-

    "Wait, is that who I think it is?" a familiar excited voice called out. "Y-You're alive, Kyra?"

    Kyra looked up to see the closest relative to her in age, her sister Alissaria. Her long blond hair blew in the wind as she sprinted out of the gates of Reinford to greet her prodigal sister. It had only been a few months, but it was enough time to see her much more successful sister in a new light. Her hair mostly flew freely off of her, though there was a bundle that was bunched into a ponytail with a small band, attached with silver feathers upon it, which bobbed back and forth with her movements. Her kind, red eyes seemed ecstatic to see her younger sister, a smile painted across her face as she ran towards the fellow Velkhomme. The familiar silver earrings she so loved from their sister Lisbeth waved back and forth, attached to her ears, glimmering off of the warm summer sun. Rather than the red jacket Kyra was so used to seeing, Alissaria was now wearing almost pure white, with her white, elbow-length jacket resting atop another business dress in a white shade, which faded into a middle-thigh length skirt beneath, resting at her legs in a casual manner. A small portion of skin was visible between her skirt and her knee-length boots, which was at least something that Kyra could recognize about her elder sister. Wrapped around her stomach was a thick, red belt of sorts, one of Lisbeth's favorite things when making clothing.

    "A-Alissaria?" Kyra said, fading backwards slightly.

    Alissaria wrapped Kyra into a hug, spinning her around with impressive strength. "Oh, come on now, Kyra! You can call me Alisa! We're sisters, right? Unless you want me to call you Valkyria all the time?"

    "N-No, that's f-fine..."

    Alisa smiled. "I was so worried about you. You've been completely gone for months, Kyra! Tegan and Kairi essentially sent all of Goldheart after you! We couldn't find you anywhere! All of us did our part in trying to find you! Rio constantly had broadcasts running, Demi entirely installed a new program into her security stuff, though I helped her out, of course,
    Anya constantly was making public statements about you, Corbyn-"

    "W-what about Father?"

    Alisa silenced herself at that. It was enough of an answer for Kyra. Father never cared. Her siblings pretended to care, but Father did not even grant that sort of luxury. He only cared because she was a Velkhomme, too. Once Kyra left, Father did not care. It was evident.

    "L-Look, Kyra. I-I'm sure Father's going to be happy you're back! Plus, I can tell you had a little somethin' done to you, huh?"


    Alisa wrapped her sister up in a hug once more. "It's okay. I can sense that you have magic now. I'm guessing you found some sort of lacrima when you were out with Kairi and Tegan, and just went missing from there?"


    Alisa nodded. "I don't know what kind of magic it is, but I'm guessing there's a reason you didn't want to come back. Come on in, though. I'm sure the rest of us will want to see you safe again."

    Alisa flashed a smile as she offered her hand, Kyra willing to follow her friendly sister towards the place she called home.

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