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    Opening Up (Sivvy/Nico)


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    Private Opening Up (Sivvy/Nico)

    Post by Juuya on 1st July 2020, 9:46 am

    "Uwaaahh..." Nico groaned, plopping rear-first onto the sandy earth beneath him, sweating profusely, "You really are no joke, Miss Sivvy! And it's so hot, too..."

    Panting on the ground, Nico had just finished training with his mentor and superior—Sivvy. It's been really nice as of late. Since he joined the ranks of Dies Irae, Nico was quickly finding his groove and getting used to everyone within. Ten whole years of hard work had led him here, training with one of his greatest idols. Who would've thought? Of course, he had only dreamed of it, but how often do dreams become reality? He wasn't anywhere close to where he wanted to be, and he didn't have the power or the strength to coin himself as the hero he wanted to become quite yet, but he couldn't help be feel relieved that he had made it this far. He couldn't help but feel a little happy.

    As Nico sprawled out on the dirt, he stared up into a clear, cerulean noon sky with a blank expression on his face, and Gelu Morsus planted in the earth next to him. Suddenly, his face cracked into a grin and then burst into loud peals of laughter that were gentler than they were normally.

    "You really are insane, haha! So awesome!"

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