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    Shipments Gone Astray (Juliet, Tetsuo)


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    Shipments Gone Astray (Juliet, Tetsuo) Empty Shipments Gone Astray (Juliet, Tetsuo)

    Post by Juliet on 28th June 2020, 8:13 pm

    Shipments Gone Astray (Juliet, Tetsuo) PVJLm9u

    If she were to express herself with complete honesty, Juliet adored cats. They were kindred spirits with her. Preferring to be left alone and stay inside whenever possible, both herself as well as felines loved meat and took pleasure in eating. Even though all of her love would forever belong to bears, any cat, from kitten to tom, held a special place in her heart. Despite this, however, the idea of a neko people unsettled her. No matter how hard she tried not to judge anyone according to appearances, Juliet was invariably affected by assumptions. She couldn't help it. Reminding herself that everyone was human inside only went so far when she was standing in front of a man with cat ears, wearing nothing except for a pair of shorts. Behind him, a tail waved slightly in the air as he talked, and it was more than mildly distracting.

    Attempting to focus back in on the details of his report, she coughed and glanced to the side, still listening. "...as you can see, for the past month, we have been waiting patiently for the arrival of our shipment. Cooking supplies are running more and more scarce, and we cannot afford to wait any longer. Our delivery boy is very good, and he has never been this late before..." He trailed off, as if at a loss on how to further explain. As her mind turned over the series of events in her head, Juliet brought up a question of hers. "Do you have reason to believe something happened to him? Aside from the obvious lateness of the delivery," the mage amended, waiting for an answer while studiously looking away from his immodesty. She wasn't one for shaming people for being open in their behavior, but at the same time!... Wasn't walking around half naked all the time a bit too much?

    Readily, the leader of the humanesque cat people- or was it feline human people?- explained further his suspicions. According to a report from some of their scouts, bandits had been prowling along the path from the settlement to the larger city where the supplies originated from. Juliet had taken a different route to reach the small town, approaching it from the direction opposite. For that reason, she probably had avoided any such bandit attacks. Thanking him for the information, the mage pulled her iLac out of her satchel to check the time. Just as she was exiting the room, the leader of the cat people called out. "Wait!" Juliet slowly swiveled back, her expression expectant, and patently open. "Everything alright?" The blonde asked, her eyes trained on him as she awaited a response. "Yes, I just wanted to say, I've also hired another mage to recover the package. He hasn't arrived yet, but he elected not to receive the details of the mission in person. You may run into him on the road, or he could be in town somewhere. All of the report and job description have already been made available to him, but if he would like further information, please let him know to come see me here." With that having been said, he waved Juliet out of the room.

    Belatedly, she thought she ought to have asked the man for the name of her partner to be. Unfortunately, turning back and heading into the meeting room she had just exited revealed an empty space. Undoubtedly, the leader had used some sort of magic or an unknown device to depart instantly. Resolving to figure out who her ally would be through sensing him out (mages did have a distinctive magic signature, after all) Juliet reluctantly left the building. Initially, as with every undertaking, her first instinct was to set off as soon as possible after plans were set. A bit more thinking had her changing the agenda to first waiting a day or so in the town and searching for her supposed comrade before assuming they were on the road and heading off.

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