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    Equipment Template


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    Equipment Template Empty Equipment Template

    Post by Admin 27th June 2020, 1:56 pm


    • Overview: Copy and paste the following template into the application for your equipment (Weapon, Armor, Item, Pet) and fill them out as relevant to start the process of creating and submitting your equipment. The code for equipment can be found by clicking on the spoiler labelled "Code". Be sure to read over the following rules before creating a custom type of equipment as both the Equipment Rules and Magic Rules are relevant for equipment creation:

      • Start here: Start by making an application for your piece of equipment in the WIP Pets and Items Board. Both the Magic Rules and the Equipment Rules are relevant when creating Equipment. The Magic Rules apply to Equipment Abilities, while the Equipment Rules determine the abilities a given piece of equipment possesses, along with other relevant and applicable statistics and systems. All numerical values and statistics you might need can be found in the Tables and FAQ of our rules.

      • Getting Equipment Approved: Post your equipment for grading in the Items and Pets Approval Thread

      • Moving Equipment: If you want an already approved piece of equipment unlocked so you may edit it before resubmitting it for grading, post it in the Thread Moving Topic

    Equipment Template

    Name: The name of the piece of equipment in question

    Grade: Denote the grade of your equipment here. Grade primarily encompasses the given quality of a piece of equipment, such as Weak, Strong, Legendary, etc. This is also where you denote whether a piece of equipment is a piece of (+) equipment or not, i.e. Strong (+), for example.

    Type: This is where you denote the type of this piece of equipment. This can be either a Weapon, Armor, Item, Combat Pet, or Non-Combat Pet.

    Proof of Acquisition: As equipment must be bought or obtained (apart from "Weak" Equipment and "Non-Combat Pets", which are also automatically classed as "Weak" equipment. If your piece of equipment is of Weak Grade leave this section blank), you must provide a link to the post where the piece of equipment was acquired. Please make sure your proof of acquisition is valid, as otherwise, your piece of equipment will be denied.

    Description: Describe the piece of equipment here in detail. Any information you deem relevant, such as the appearance of your equipment, any properties of the piece of equipment in question, and other background info. You may also add a picture.


    This is where you post the templates for and insert the equipment's abilities. Every piece of equipment, depending on its grade and type, gets different abilities of different ranks. Abilities are generally structured like spells in a magic and follow the same rules and systems. See the Equipment Rules for the different kinds of abilities a given piece of equipment can obtain. See the Magic Rules for how abilities themselves function. Abilities can either be based on Caster-type spells or Techniques.


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