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    Black Cat Lounge & Casino Employment


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    Star Black Cat Lounge & Casino Employment

    Post by aeluri on 22nd June 2020, 6:43 pm

    Black Cat Lounge & Casino Employment CToDopF
    Black Cat Lounge & Casino Employment Iq0w5SO

    Welcome to the Black Cat Lounge & Casino, a place to feed your gambling needs!~ We specialize in world-class gambling games and treat patrons to a fully stocked bar. There's something here for everyone~

    It appears you've come here for employment. You're in luck, as we have positions open! We don't discriminate in hiring, so your alignment, job history, and lifestyle doesn't matter as long as it doesn't have an effect on your work ethic.

    OOC Note: Both employees and non-employees can RP in this forum, it is open to plotting by any character. However, if you intend to alter the casino or affect its business practices in any way, please consult Aeluri Atra or Hidden Blades before doing so for permission.


    Janitor / 1 slot
    Janitors/custodians are the ones who clean up any messes made by patrons as well as conducting basic maintenance to the building.

    Bartender / 2 slots
    Bartenders work behind the horseshoe-shaped bar, mixing and serving drinks to patrons.

    Chef / 1 slot
    The chef creates delicious snacks and meals for the patrons.

    Waiter/Waitress / 4 slots
    Waitstaff bring drinks and food to the patrons all around the casino.

    Slot Machine Attendant / 2 slots
    These employees tend to the customers playing on slot machines. This includes conducting chip purchases as well as payouts for those who win money.

    Dealer / 3 slots
    Around the casino are tables where patrons can play games like black jack, poker, roulette, and craps. Dealers manage those games while checking for cheaters and handing out payouts.

    Bouncer / 3 slots
    Bouncers guard the doors and check to ensure that no patrons are cheating. If someone is caught cheating or stealing, the bouncers must throw them out.

    Casino Host / 2 slots
    Casino hosts go around the entire casino, checking in on customers and ensuring that their experience is the best possible. They also must influence visitors into spending more money, trying new games, and going for that last possible win. This helps the casino gain more money. This position requires someone who is socially adept and very persuasive.

    Casino Manager / 1 slot
    This employee oversees the casino and its daily processes, checking that any disputes are settled in favor of the casino and ensuring employees are doing their jobs. They also manage the casino's earnings for the day and search for new games and methods of making money for the business. This person works very closely with the owner and investors.

    Current Employees

    Owner - Aeluri Atra

    Application Code

    [color=#990000]Username:[/color] (Your site username)
    [color=#990000]Character Name:[/color] (Your character's name)
    [color=#990000]Position Applying For:[/color] (Name the position you desire)
    [color=#990000]Why Should We Hire You?:[/color] (Please give an IC explanation why you deserve/desire the position)


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