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    This is cool~


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    This is cool~ Empty This is cool~

    Post by Wiggles on Mon 22 Jun - 21:43

    After finally settling in with the Rune Knights just days ago, most of his fellow law enforcers had suggested he get a device known as an iLac in the Neutral Grounds. Apparently it was a device for communicating which has been made popular through the ever evolving culture. Apparently the device, as explained to Scully, did not make use of Etherion but technology which allowed it to be used by even non-magic users, making his old communication lacrima all but obsolete which has limitations on who can be contacted. So he came by to the unfamiliar but rather interesting place. No magic, just pure technological innovation which was indeed awe inspiring to the old-timer. He slinged a bag over to his front to rummage through and obtain a map of the place. From it, he was looking for the factory that makes these ingenious product. After finding the way, he took his time to take in the sights. He's never been in a place where magic had no influence and he was fascinated by how the people live their lives. Interestingly, he didn't find that much of a difference. The kind of people who live in these lands are in essence the same. This made him look back and realize that not many in Era wields magic as well and yet some of them hold authority. Respected. A reaffirmed lesson that magic power is not all there is to this world, but respect, and determination. Things of the mind and heart are what's important. With this, he was able to continue on the city with his usual confidence, knowing that he just might blend in. Walking by, he saw what seems an industrial district where all the products are being manufactured. From the big looking vehicles, to small hand held appliances, everything was there. With such a marvel of engineering before him, he had to ask a nearby employee for where the iLacs were being made in order not to get lost because even though he had a map, he sure would like to be sure since all the factories look almost the same. One helpful employee which was a security guard for the complex, happily directed Scully to where he could get a free iLac. The guard, which was familiar with this promotion, happily pointed him to a lobby that had a stall in it. After thanking the man, Scully merrily walked his way towards the stall where an accommodating attendant stood vigilant for anyone who had an iLac to get one. Scully approached the person and asked for a free iLac. The attendant responded happily, but they first had to see if Scully already had one, so they had to ask him for a valid ID. With a nod, he reached for his wallet in his back pocket that contained a valid ID. The attendant then checked for him on their database. Upon verifying that he does not have an iLac yet, one of them stepped back and grabbed a box which contained a brand new iLac and gave it to Scully. They opened the box in front of him and showed him the contents and how to work the device. Satisfied and oriented, Scully took his new gadget and made his way back to Era.

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