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    All the young'uns have one


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    All the young'uns have one Empty All the young'uns have one

    Post by Wiggles 21st June 2020, 8:00 am

    In a bright sunny afternoon, in a well lit, white-walled apartment room, steam was coming out from the bathroom as the door was left open, apparently the person renting this room was not expecting any guests. The sound of a shower would be heard and a silhouette of a very healthy man can be seen behind the curtain who subsequently turned it off and reached his hand out for the towel beyond the curtain to wipe himself up with and wrap it around his lower half after what seemed to be a relaxing hour in the shower afterwards. Once Scully was sure he wasn’t dripping anymore, he stepped out of the shower, holding the towel veiling his precious cargo from the front. From here, he would take a deep breath and exhale quickly as he then smiled a huge smile while looking out the window, bearing witness to what a beautiful day it is, which, in his mind, was about to be more beautiful and exciting because this would be the day the former policeman would try his hand in becoming a part of the new and reformed Rune Knights.

    He stepped behind a divider, masking him from the window’s view as a decency to his neighbors. For despite his confidence and comfort in his shape he was still respectful and considerate of the people around him because it was more of not being a jerk than anything else for the gentle soul. He hung the towel neatly over the divider and after a few minutes, emerged full and properly clothed in an old police uniform. One he had been using to serve and protect the people in the community he was currently as some sort of freelancer. He turned around with a twirl and put on earphones which were connected to a very old walkman before grabbing a big stack of boxes, containing 6 dozen doughnuts that he intended to give out to members of the Rune Knights he would meet when he got there. With everything set, Scully headed out the door with a smile on his face, ready to face the day.

    Everyone greeted the jolly policeman when he walked out the door, expressing their good mornings, and good lucks by the people who knew what he had planned today. Along the way, he locked eyes with an old friend as he was walking down the street to which he decided to stop for a bit for and have a quick chat. Scully’s friend also knew of what he was going to do today. And asked if he had already secured his passport from Hargeon. Scully, who was out of the loop for a long time, didn’t know what the passport was for but fortunately, his friend was more than happy to help explain to him that through them, mages can be shipped off to different countries to do jobs there. Intrigued by the thought of exploration and new adventures in new lands, commenting that “all the young’uns have these”. Scully happily thanked his friend for the information, even reaching out from the top of the box to give him a doughnut before tipping his hat and heading off.

    In Hargeon, the port town was bustling with activity this afternoon. Making slightly harder to maneuver the box he was carrying around. The town had really gotten back on its feet after an incident that had occurred so many years ago and was just happy to see it thrive. The salt sea breeze was becoming stronger as he got closer and closer to the port authority office. It would appear he had arrived in an optimal time as well, seeing as the line was near to non-existent, at least it was in his perspective from looking outside through the window. Out of the midday sun and into a fully air conditioned port authority office, which even though having a line, wasn’t all that bad since it wasn’t long. He merely had to take a number and wait. The screen showed 39, his number was 46. Each applicant of a passport processed it rather quickly, yet he still thought that he would indulge himself in a tasty doughnut treat of his own making from the box he had been carrying, which he had been able to maneuver around the crowded city despite its size. Opening the top fold, he took a piece of doughnut from it and began to eat it slowly. The sweet taste and chocolate flavor the specific piece possessed greatly pleased Scully’s sweet tooth and he quickly desired for more, while keeping in mind that he should save a lot of it for the Rune Knights. His eating would attract the gaze of others in the line and Scully would notice. Before he could eat another, he happily offered it to the person next to him. Her eyes gleaned and widened in shock of a sudden good gesture and she accepted, happy to have tasted such an exquisite taste doughnut, or at least it looked that way from her facial expression. Not long after, others would voice out their want of a doughnut which Scully was more than happy to oblige, eventually turning into a small doughnut feast inside the office making the wait feel shorter than it actually is. However, with all the doughnuts Scully has been eating, he didn’t realize how it was starting to affect his stomach as he was more focused on the conversations and merriment the people were having. Amidst the laughs and stories, a gurgling noise could be heard. It was apparent that his body had built up so much air and gas and it would bide its time.

    Finally, Scully’s number was called and happily the man stood up. With the laughter and talking dying down as he took his leave, the gas escaped him from his rear end; he farted. The perfect unfortunate moment for the heavy man as it was heard by all who were nearby. Embarrassed, Scully made an awkward laugh and which the people did as well before returning to their own devices before eating Scully’s doughnuts. Still, the man approached the desk with a smile on his face despite what other people might think of him now. Having presented his requirements he filled out earlier for the passport, he was led to a booth for a passport picture. And though the people would only give smiles, the clerk at the desk was still joyful and thanked him for the doughnuts. And suddenly, all the thoughts he had in his mind that people are acting weird again just because he had a normal bodily reaction dispersed, and he was able to leave the office in high hopes onwards to Era.

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