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    Papiere, Bitte!

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    Papiere, Bitte! Empty Papiere, Bitte!

    Post by Taylor Akerley 20th June 2020, 3:09 pm

    The day was relatively warm, an enjoyable, but not overwhelming summer sun casting its light down to Hargeon Town and its people, a hustle and bustle of commotion, along with the fresh, salty breeze of oceanic wind filling the city's streets. It was truly a sight to behold. So many people, each and every one of them an individual with a name, a story, different capabilities, talents, flaws, and lives. Freya Akerley couldn't help but wonder how much collective information was present in this town at this very moment, eyes, wide with unbelieving amazement, wandering from person to person, building to building, stall to stall, perhaps staring longer than was socially acceptable at times. The girl couldn't help it. If she'd had the time she would've attempted to inquire with every single one of these people, asked them all kinds of questions, whatever would've popped into her mind, though, alas, she had come to Hargeon for a very specific purpose. She had come to this country, Fiore, by very much not so legal means, and as such, of course, did not own a passport. Her ultimate goal, though, would undoubtedly require one, not only so that she could identify herself here, but also travel abroad if a job would ever require it. And, well, there was also the possibility that she somehow decided to return to Bellum, though she, at this point, still very much doubted that.

    Still, if one wanted to be a mage, they were factually required to own an ID, at least, that was what Freya expected. The mage culture of Fiore was very much different from that in Bellum, where mages were automatically of higher status than non-mages, a fact that the young girl openly despised and had criticized at any given occasion, much to the lament of her parents, who had been and still were part of the nation's political establishment. The Akerley daughter talking of equal rights for the mundane magicless folk was a scandal, hencewhy her parents had oped to separate her from the public eye and social gatherings as much as possible, but Freya had never been one to be held down for too long. She was simply too curious in nature, too interested in the world. Well, it had come as no coincidence that, on the day of her 18th birthday, she, along with several of the servants of her parent's household, who knew of her unusual beliefs, at least as far as Bellum's society at large was concerned, had planned her escape. It had been a few days since then. She had reached the coast relatively easily and without any obstacle or disturbance. She was the daughter of a noble family, after all. The rest had been increasingly difficult. It took no small bit of secrecy and a hefty bribe to convince a captain of a small cargo ship to take her on board and bring her here to Hargeon, where she had stayed the past day. Her parents, especially her father, were undoubtedly furious, though she knew that it was both out of concern for their daughter ... and, of course, the loss in prestige that would ensue if it ever came out that she'd run away and left nobility, Bellum, and heirship to the house behind. It didn't matter to her. She wanted to be free, she wanted to explore, and so, here she was, in a city called Hargeon Town, in a country called Fiore. No contacts, no friends, no place to call home, though not without means. Her savings were still significant. Not that she had an immediate need for that, though.

    What was more important now was the passport! She couldn't be distracted, no matter how fascinating or intriguing this foreign culture was, no matter how interesting the people seemed! Oh, but that man selling these strange steamed sausages in long, fluffy looking buns and topped with all kinds of strange things would undoubtedly have profound truths to share, not to mention the fact that his wares smelled delicious. "No, Freya! Now's not the time for that!", the girl thought to herself, shaking her head and continuing the path down the road. She would have to do this. No distractions this time. Well, she said that, but she knew it would be almost impossible to reach her target without getting sidetracked by something or other.

    Still, the young girl called Freya managed to find the street where these Fiorean Passports were being handed out, though quickly realized that she should've gotten up earlier, come sooner, anything, the long queue stretching along the entire street towards what appeared like an office building. There was no doubt that it would take her at least a couple of hours to obtain her object of desire. Freya sighed, though this wouldn't stop her. To determined was the girl to become a mage, to experience this life she'd often wondered about and dreamed of, to see the world for herself, to witness all it had to offer her, the girl folding in line, now last of what appeared like dozens, if not hundreds of people all expecting to get their IDs today. Well, it couldn't be helped, though the girl knew that the coming time would be exceptionally boring, and so, immediately began focussing her attention on the things around her, head darting from side to side to take in as much of the strange atmosphere and city as possible. The queue did proceed forward, at least, though its pace quite leisurely, and soon Freya found herself without things to divert her attention from the people around her, the young girl not taking long to notice the figure before her.

    Well, upon closer inspection, the figure was a man, definitely. He also towered over Freya, probably a foot, if not more, taller than the young girl. She couldn't see his face, he had his back turned to her, though the blue robe he was wearing was, of course, there for everyone to see, as was his short, blonde hair. He didn't seem too threatening, so naturally, the girl would give it a go, tapping him on the shoulder. The man turned around, Freya now looking into the face of a young man. He appeared relatively young, not older than his mid-twenties, his expression and face welcoming and gentle. Freya was quick to greet him. "Hi", she proclaimed with a smile, stretching out her hand for the other to shake. "I'm Freya. What's your name?". The man retained his warm aura, though seemed slightly confused, tilting his head a little, his blue eyes staring down into the girl's golden ones. "Hi, Freya. I'm Alphonse. Can I help you?".

    The girl quickly nodded. "Well, to be honest with you, Alphonse, I'm super bored. You seemed interesting, so I really wanted to talk to you and ask you some questions". The man tilted his head some more, though after a few passing moments of silence, his eyes blinking a few times, he would crack a smile, and break out into a hearty chuckle, "Me? Interesting? I think you have the wrong guy, Freya". The girl only noticed now that he spoke with a slight accent, her eyes lighting up. Did that mean he came from abroad, too? "Well, I'll be honest with you as well, then. I'm super bored, too, Freya". He would chuckle once more, unsure what to make of this quirky young girl that had struck a conversation with him seemingly out of the blue. "What kind of questions are you thinking of?".

    The girl hesitated for a second. She'd expected to be brushed off or something along the same lines. The prospect of a conversation igniting her unfiltered curiosity. "Well, for one I am wondering where you are from. I couldn't help but notice that you speak with an accent! Are you a mage, too? Oh! Are you in one of the guilds here in Fiore? What brings you here today? Are you-" "Woah woah, one thing after the other. I don't mind answering, but take a breath between sentences, Freya", he would joke, the girl blushing slightly with embarrassment, pulling the scarf around her neck closer to her face. It seemed like her eccentricity had gotten the better of her, though, all the more surprising was the fact that the other hadn't yet given up and simply turned around again.

    The conversation that ensued taught the girl much. Apparently, the man was from Ca-Elum, a land across the sea that Freya had only heard of in books. From what Alphonse was saying, the land was as much fantastical as it was magical, and he, too, was indeed a mage, though he had decided to retire and return to his homeland, which was why he had come here today. He, too, had been part of a mage's guild here in Fiore, though he had said that they had since disbanded. Still, he was kind enough to tell Freya of a few that still existed, the girl memorizing them immediately, particularly the one he had told her about named "Fairy Tail", a guild that appeared to have a history as unique and interesting as this nation itself. Thanks to their conversation, the time would almost fly by, and when he would say his goodbyes, Freya was already the next in line to finally receive her passport. With this, the world would be open to her, and she had gotten one step closer to her dreams.

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