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    Passport for the Lost [Solo]

    Aurora & Lucilla

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    Passport for the Lost [Solo] Empty Passport for the Lost [Solo]

    Post by Aurora & Lucilla 14th June 2020, 10:59 am

    The small individual did not know the distance he had traveled. Nor did he know the time he had spent traveling. Through sheer luck and determination the small creature had somehow found his way out of the forest. It took him quiet sometime to find civilization, granted he had some close calls with hostile lifeforms but our small compatriot as able to duck away and find a place to hide. The small creature had learned quickly to travel during the day in order to minimize the dangers found in the night. For some odd reason he acted out in pure instinct as if hi body had already learned how to survive in the wild. Nature was beautiful and it was dangerous at the same time. Even so there were also plenty of times of peace and serenity the the small individual grew to appreciate. It was completely different when he had arrived to a populated city, he had seen glimpse of humans before but this was the first time he would find such a place that housed so many tall people. Doing his best to try not and garner any attention the creature swiftly moved through the shadows, for the people who did manage to see him simply dismissed the creature as a small child dressed in some sort of costume. The creature had explored Rose Garden, watching people eat and interact. The creature was fascinated at the different people that interacted with one another. Eventually the creature came across along line. It was odd, usually the humans would walk around one another in some sort of chaotic manner, but these humans were lined up properly and orderly. The small creature approached only to be greeted by a tall individual. This individual was a tall man in his early 50's, he had graying black hair with streaks and strand of white. He looked down at the small creature and spoke in a loud cheerful voice. "What do we have here?" The small creature instinctively flinched and reached for the sword the hung on his back. "Whoa! There kid! slow down. no need to get violent. Are you here to get your passport?"

    The creature relaxed, the tall human seemed to mean no harm. He then parroted the last word the man had said. "Passport?" The creature tilted his head in curiosity. "Yeah! A passport, you're going to need it if you want to adventure and travel." The man bellowed as he gave the small creature a chuckle. The small individual paused, it seemed that this so called passport was needed if he wanted to travel legally through out the lands.The small fellow then looked up at the man and nodded "Passport." the small fellow once again said, this time with conviction and understanding. "Well why don'tcha line up then kiddo, you can go before me. This old man doesn't mind waiting." the small creature went ahead and lined up, he then turned around and recalled what humans would say when someone did a kind gesture. "Thank you." The creature chimed as he looked up at the tall man. Eventually it was the creatures turn and the clerk who was in charge of disturbing the passport shouted. "Next!" The small creature jumped up onto the counter startling the clerk. "what the?" The clerk said in surprise. The creature then responded by pointing to the blank passport at the clerks desk. "Passport." The clerk raised his eyebrows. "And your name sir?" The small creature tilted his head in curiously. "Name?" He parroted.

    "Yes. Your name? What do they call you?" The clerk asked as he impatiently tapped his pen on the counter. The creature pasued and spoke the first word that came to his mind. "Noctis." The clerk immediately scribbled down the name, took a picture within the next few minutes. The creature watched in fascination until he was handed his passport. "There here's your passport... NEXT!" The creature happily retrieved his passport and looked at his picture as he hopped off the counter. Form this day forward his name was Noctis.


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