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    Hollowed Dreams [Solo]

    Aurora & Lucilla

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    Hollowed Dreams [Solo] Empty Hollowed Dreams [Solo]

    Post by Aurora & Lucilla 14th June 2020, 10:29 am

    "Wake up sleepy head! We're going to be late" A soft and gentle voice echoed in the darkness. "Wake up....Wake up... Wake up!" The voice grew louder and louder. With each repetition the voice grew more desperate and fearful until the voice was painted in anguish and woe. Each word was like a blade jettisoned into the dreaming individual's psyche. The voice was in so much pain it was like a searing blade pulled from fires of a crucible only to be thrust into the heart of the sleeping figure. One single word, one single shout was enough to wake the individual. the word was a name, possibly his name. "NOCTIS"

    The small figure laying in the overgrowth shot up panting. He reached to touch his face with his small hand. He glanced down to see a tattered cloak draped upon his shoulders. He looked down at the palm of his hands, they were black like a starless night sky. "N-Noctis?" The small individual would parrot the last and only thing he would remember from his dream. He looked around and found himself surrounded by some sort of forest. Small fireflies floated around him illuminating the small area.

    Who am I? What am I? we're the thoughts that writhed in the mind of the small individual. He forced himself up to stand only to realize how small he truly was. The tall trees loomed over him like gigantic treants. The sky was dim it was either becoming night fall or perhaps the break of day. It mattered not, for the small fellow would find out in the next few hours. The small creature looked around and found a small worn out sword impaled onto the ground next ti him. He reached out and plucked the blade form the ground. A small amount of resistance was present but it was still easy enough to pull out. The small blade was nearly the size of the small creature yet it felt natural, the center balance was perfect. The weight was just right in his hands. It was as if the sword belonged to him and  to no one else.

    The small creature tilted his head in curiosity and swung the blade horizontally. With near perfect edge alignment the blade cut through the tall grass evenly. The blades of grass we're tossed up into the air and scattered in the wind. As the blades of grass fell it was as if a spray of green confetti was showered upon the small individual. Along with the bio-luminescent glow of the fireflies the scenery was just breath taking and beautiful.

    For some reason the small creature knew he could not stay, in fact something deep within his heart was telling him to go. It was as if he was searching, longing, and looking for something or someone. With out any delay or hesitation, the small creature took his first step. then he took another, followed by another. this continued until he found himself in briskly walking  to an unknown direction.

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