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    To Oshibana Railways, to prove myself to my guild! [Solo Quest for Drako]


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    Completed To Oshibana Railways, to prove myself to my guild! [Solo Quest for Drako]

    Post by SKD1218 on Wed 10 Jun 2020 - 12:17

    After talking to the mayor early on Thursday morning, Drako would set out to prepare for the next day. He'd sneak around and make sure to get an absolute scope of the area. Ins and outs, secret locations, the best place to spring any traps/where traps may be sprun, the best ambush spots. The works, Drako was taking NO risk on his first official Fairy Tail job. After all this time he had become a Fairy Tail wizard, him! Thanks to this fact, his resolve was firm, and he made sure to do his best to not mess up. This job was going to go off without a hitch... Or so the boy hoped, at least.

    After he had scoped out the scene, Drako would head back to the guild hall and rest up until the next day. After that, he'd make sure to eat a hearty breakfast and scope out one last time before seemingly disappearing. If the enemies were lurking about, he didn't want to give them any idea that he may try to pounce on them that night.

    Drako would watch from the roof until midnight, and once the hour struck, he'd be on extra high alert. Nothing could get pass his steely eyes... Except the wizards and goons that took him by surprised with their shouting. They weren't shouting at him, however they just spewed their usual threats to the owner of the household "Heyo, Mr.Mayor, it's time you pay up! Or don't, but it'd be a shame if this lovely home of yours were to suffer an accident...". The men laughed and snickered. These callous threats... The disgusting way they were willing to treat such a kind hearted man... It absolutely disgusted Drako, so he jumped down from the top of the roof, and he did not look happy.
    "Who are you?" asked one of the men. "Your worst nightmare..." replied the dragon-spirited "I'm a Fairy Tail wizard, here to claim justice for this man. You've terrorized him long enough, and it ends NOW!" Drako would dash towards one of the men who looked the weakest and punch him in the face, shattering his mask with a single blow. After which, he would grab him and throw him into a man dressed in similar attire."If you don't want to give up yet, I can do this all night!
    "If you guys can handle this, I'm gonna head in and collect our p-" POW! The man attempted to speak before being punched in the face and being sent flying by the wizard! "If you guys honestly think there's a snowball's chance that I'm letting you inside... THINK AGAIN! Dragon Takeover..." Drako's arms would enlarge and become covered in incredibly tough scales. Everything from his shoulders to the tip of his fingers changed. "SCALED ARMS!" He shouted as he charged the enemies, and effortlesly beat even the stronger ones with a well placed blow or two.
    After he was about to take out the second to last enemy, he could feel his body going limp as a result of being struck in the back with lightning magic! It was not a very pleasant feeling, and as a result, his takeover disipated..And of course, since Drako was stunned, the enemiy which he was about to attack instead attacked him.
    " Rougen, go, now. I can handle this." After Drako got up, the enemy would continue talking. "I can't believe the old finally found a wizard to take his pitiful re-
    As the enemy was monologuing, Drako took this opportunity to run up on him and PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE WHILE HE WAS SPEAKING. "YOU HUSH YOUR FILTHY MOUTH! FOR AS LONG AS I DRAW, NO REQUEST WILL EVER BE PITIFUL IN MY EYES! I'M A FAIRY TAIL WIZRRD, AND THAT MEANS, AS LONG AS THE CITIZENS CAN LEAD HAPPY LIVES, IT IS ALWAYS WORTH IT!" He'd deliver another mighty blow, but efore he could deliver a third strike, the enemy turned themself into lightning and reappeared at the front door. "...Geez, didn't anyone ever teach you that it's rude to interrupt people when they're talking? No matter, if the only language you understand is magic..." The enemy wizard would hold out his hand dramatically, "Then it is magic we shall speak with!"
    The masked man would send a lightning bolt at Drako, and unfortunately, the lad was too slow to dodge. The enemy would send multiple lightning bolts at Drako, and Drako would take each one. "HAHA! The only thing pitiful here is you! So much big talk, but I guess this is what the mighty wizard comes down to! Truly pathetic! Big talk about some stupid guild, but you can't even live up to it!" it was at that point that Drako had pulled in the remainder of his strength and stood talk despite the attacks. He's fine if soeone insults him, but insult the guild that he's been wanting to join for years? THAT is not going to fly. "Don't you ever talk that way about my guild... I'LL SHOW YOU WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DO! DRAGON TAKEOVER, SCALED ARMS!" He said as he used them to block the lightning attack and reduce the immense pain of each bolt attack, charging in for the decisive blow POISON DRAGON'S NOXIOUS CLAW ATTACK: SIX SPIN VARIANT!
    Drako would lash at the enemy who continosuly attempted to stun him with the bolts. When that failed he attempted to turn into lightning, but this time, he was too slow. Drako has struck him with his noxious claws six times, making sure that the poison that would seep into his wounds were non lethal. When all was said and done, he'd tie him up and give the body to the mayor, who turned the man and his boys in.

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