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    The Songstress of the Mop

    Illya Aoshara
    Illya Aoshara

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    The Songstress of the Mop Empty The Songstress of the Mop

    Post by Illya Aoshara on 9th June 2020, 2:49 pm


    A bucket fell onto the floor of the Dies Irae main hallway, splashing water onto the glossy surface with (the slightly less confident) Illya holding a fresh mop in her left hand while the right housed a feather duster and some cleaning supplies hanging precariously off of her ring finger. She dumped the non water based supplies onto a free chair and looked around at what had been put out for her to do. Luckily for the newest recruit, her work was cut out for her. It was a rite of passage in the great island bound guild that all people who had joined went through two minor little hazing rituals of a kind. Nothing too dangerous or violent, just being thrown into a situation of work and/or things to do. Today's task was cleaning the guild hall since it had gotten dirty from likely about a few thousand feet beating across the ground's surface for a few good weeks or so. Illya decided to get a head start on the dusting first, since uprooting all of that old stuff would ruin the work of cleanings floors had she done to do that first. Her hands ventured into her pockets and pulled out a electronic music player, pressing play to begin a cycle of her favorite music she had brought over from home. With her trusted feather duster in hand, the girl began her work.

    The place wasn't too terribly dusty but it did have that sort of look a place got when there hadn't been an influx to keep the floors all waxed and clean looking, upholding that image of a strict, orderly guild. Her shoes clack across the ground while moving to sweep the dust from lights, rearrange the cushions on chairs, wipe away the days of neglect of the dust stained walls and ivory. Illya moved around again before feeling herself ready to sneeze. "Ah, ah..." she readied herself, doing everything in her power to keep herself from doing so. The sound she made during a sneeze was awful, a most monstrous and horrifying symphony of sounds. Yet it was beyond her control at this point. The boundaries have reached their limit. Illya unleashed her terrifying noise. "ACHEEEEW!" it was the worst sound imaginable. A gaggle of school girls squeaking at once after that cool, transfer student comes in looking all handsome. Did that ever happen in real life? If not, this was about as close as it was going to get. She wiped her nose and moved onto the other pressing matters. All in all, the place looked slick as a whistle. Now came the more boring part.

    Mopping the floor hadn't been the most engaging thing that Illya had planned on doing during her stay in Dies Irae. It had taken her a few tries to get the hang of mopping the floors here, but after she got the hang of it, little could halt her progress. The music player still went on in her ears, playing songs which reinvigorated her wary spirit after being the custodian for an hour or two now. One such song in particular began to play as Illya noticed that she had gotten a bit more pep in her steps or so to speak. She remembered it as the one that Catalina and her had sung to a few short items, including that one that perfect night during the heat filled summer. How she always listened to music while studying and Illya just wanted to be left alone and study in piece. But then the girl pulled her friend onto the bed and they sung the night away. Even those memories couldn't help but put the girl into a better mood as her foot would begin to tap. Her lavender eyes darted around the room. Nobody on her left side or right. And no sets of feet were due to be coming any time soon. Just as the chorus would start, Illya took a deep breath while wiping the end of the mop across the way near the door leading to the outside.

    "Truth. Is elusive, it's nowhere to be found. Yeah, the truth can never be written" A few swipes of the mope across the entrance leading in deeper into the foyer while she scrubbed her fears away for the time being. "Down, it's not in any magazine, you can't see." Illya was slowly getting into the song, feeling that wave of nostalgia wash over her while spinning the mop around her to get the spot she had missed by standing put in one area. Her prints on the floor were submerged in water, soaked clean to the highest degree. "It on your TV screen." The music was too much, the girl whisked the end of her mop upright, holding it like a microphone and then closing her eyes to keep with the song that was playing, imagining that she was home. Catalina was beside her, arms wrapped around her drunkenly while her head remained on her shoulder, encouraging the shy bookworm forward.

    "Truth! Is evasive, though you might have the facts. Got it straight, you think but then it all" Her hips shook to the side, her songstress voice carrying through the halls while her feet would move to keep her feet steady as her danced around the dry floor turned moist. Cracks wide open, you can search the world far and wide. The only truth that you can ever find-" The sound that snapped Illya out of her daze was one of the soldiers opening the door, likely to see what all the ruckus was about, and then finding the fresh neophyte singing aloud in the hallway for all to hear. The pink haired girl's cheeks would reach a color of red that had never stained her face before. S-Sorry! I wuh-was just...mopping! Yes, mopping! I'll get back to it!" Illya kept her head back down facing the ground as her glasses hung from her face for the rest of the time doing chores.

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