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    Simple Patrol 4


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    Simple Patrol 4 Empty Simple Patrol 4

    Post by Hinata 9th June 2020, 7:49 am


    She took a little nap and then did some patrol work. She didn’t have any big urge to do anything productive today but she figured she might as well do something or another. Walking around and keeping the local peace was enough to make her feel like she was accomplishing something so that’s what she did, precisely. She knew about a gang around here that needed dealing with and that was exactly what she planned to address today. Apparently they had thought they could deal with her and had orders to beat her up on sight as an order signed by the gang leader himself. She spoke with the person who hired her and she noticed that he was a little unsavory. Smiling, he patted her on the shoulder, telling her that she was not the type to hold on. Of course not? Do you think for a single second that as a hired hand, she was going to take care of paperwork all day? That was crazy! She was more of an out in the field kind of person anyways. She walked around, looking for the gang that really wasn’t difficult to spot anyways. They seemed to have gained confidence which was enough for her to know that they were cocky. That was always a good sign because it meant they were willing to go over and beyond in displaying their might. And if that happened, then she could take them by surprise and truly eliminate them with ease.

    She did not stand still as they started intimidating a local shop. She liked to do missions and jobs and things that served to advance her own self. Now as a time to evaluate the gang’s strength, their political style, the guards, the reliefs, everything she could take! And she had an advantage, what she was saying, a huge advantage! This place was near the brink of having a major violence problem so she wasn’t going to go easy. She kicked every last one of the gangsters to the curb and even mutilated the leaders to send a message. Was she too mean? Maybe, maybe not. She had permission to kill if necessary though she didn’t think that was exactly the path she wanted to take. She was obviously going to remain careful and discreet, that's a bit the goal of her task. But hey, she was pretty confident, and at the same time excited like a flea, it's been too long since she had taken a jump. She missed it too much, but here is this miracle call that saved her from her eternal inability to do nothing. She tracked down the second in command and took him in for questioning. She didn’t know what the authorities would want to do with him for all his extortion bullshit but she also didn’t really care. She went back to look for more gang members but couldn’t find any in plain sight. Good. Now she could finally go home and get some well deserved rest.

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