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    Simple Patrol 3


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    Simple Patrol 3 Empty Simple Patrol 3

    Post by Hinata 9th June 2020, 7:45 am


    Walking around in a big circle around the neighborhood hadn’t done her any favors. Her legs were hurting and she really thought that she needed a change of scenery. But she kept to it. She knew that she just needed to do so many patrols and then she could finally call it quits and get more money which would hopefully translate to better things for her to use in dangerous tasks down the line. Finally! she was getting bored. She had to tell someone the good news! She counted up how much money she had and she thought that she had hit a major milestone but she didn’t think that she could be certain till she got home. But for now, she was just busying herself with walking around and patrolling. Looking out for danger, you know the drill. It wasn’t the first time that she had been given a task like this but she hoped that it would be her last. It was actually a very important job, patrolling and keeping the peace. But there wasn’t anything that happened that was actually dangerous. Anyone she fought against were just weak and not worth bothering with. She guessed she could take things more seriously.

    She eventually came across some gangsters fighting and beating up on someone for their money. Finally someone she could go attack and use to relieve all her stress. But she had to be discreet and act with finesse, it was not her habit certainly, but she had to do it. She had seen the enemy directly, in other words her target, who had told her that the bullies weren’t worth worrying over. She walked up and started kicking their butts and the person getting beat up ran away shouting his thanks behind him as he ran. Well now she wished she could leave herself but now she was being pit against all these bad guys at once. And she was going to be part of it. Even more, it was she who was going to test the ground! she was at a brick wall making it difficult to run actually. She was going to have to go through these guys. She didn’t want to sit around chatting with the thugs who were there. She signaled to them when she had to go on about her patrol and said that she didn’t want to have to arrest everyone here. They just laughed at her so she had to use melee to subdue them. She didn’t like having to do this because she would rather have used some special powers but she didn’t want to go killing simple bullies or thugs. That’d be going too far even for her. Maybe she could get revenge on them some other way by telling their parents that their kids were pieces of crap. Well with that out of the way it was about time for her to wrap things up here. She had other shit to do today and she wanted to get to it.

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