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    Simple Patrol 2


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    Simple Patrol 2 Empty Simple Patrol 2

    Post by Hinata 9th June 2020, 7:43 am


    More patrolling. Joy. It was seriously a joy in her life but not to patrol. She just wanted to get the money out of it. This patrol started off with her almost walking into a group of girls who were talking. “I thought I told you something. One, that you would never come back here again, and she would watch, two, that you would tell her everything you know about this old man who is her friend,” she announced, pointing to the photo. “No, but who did you take them for? I’m going to blow your face off!” The patroller was unable to restrain herself from laughing, giggling about the comedy of the situation. And even more seeing these people throw around threats that didn’t seem to make any sense. But then things started to get a lot more heated. The girls started to fight and then it was a big headache. It wasn’t like they were using some high powered attacks or in danger of killing each other which was why she just sat and watched them fight for a couple minutes. But when it was clear that they weren’t going to just stop she had to step and extinguish their attacks using her hands and some angry looks. Somehow they were even weaker than her, not even the level of a student.

    The girls seemed stunned by her 'prowess' when they already had their hands on their hips, sneering loudly. One of the girls started clenching her fists, hanging them on two pillars in the center of the market, she started running towards the her which was a big no no. Why in the world would you attack someone upholding the peace around here? Who in their right mind would think that was a good idea. Her fists deformed their jaws, she heard the cracking of the teeth that collided, sending them waltzing for several meters. That wasn’t what she wanted to have happen but if it sent a message that she wasn’t going to be messed with then it was going to be worth it. The other girls in the circle decided not to test her which was probably for the best. She took the two that had attacked her and had them go around and tidy up the area, apologizing many times to the owners of the local shops. When she finally opened his eyes, she asked the others to go out for a few moments and start sweeping the streets too. You never knew what you were going to get on a patrol. It seemed like this time she’d gotten stuck with breaking up a fight. Simple enough work she guessed. It all paid the same though, whether something bad happened or not. She just wished that something exciting would happen one of these days then she could really get into some exciting business. And if she got into exciting business, then she could make a lot more money and buy a lot cooler things like weapons.

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