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    Illusion Magic


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    Illusion Magic Empty Illusion Magic

    Post by Hinata on 8th June 2020, 8:35 am


    Magic Name: Illusion
    Magic Type: Caster
    Description: This gives Ivara the ability to cast several types of illusions around her. One type allows her to create illusions that affect a select few individuals. The other allows her to weave illusions that affect anyone in a specified area. Illusions are incapable of dealing damage.
    Unique Abilities:

    • Ability 1: All spells, if they hit, immobilize targets by 1 post by default
    • Ability 2:
    • Ability 3:


    Name: Call of a Lover
    Rank: D
    MP Cost: 20
    Type: Caster
    Damage: None
    Range: 60m
    Speed: 60 m/s
    Duration: 3
    Downside: Doesn’t work if not heard
    Description: The user simply speaks or otherwise makes a sound with their voice/mouth. The target who hears the sound and is hit by the spell will be put into an illusion. The illusion lets them hear nothing but the words the user makes through their speech.

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