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    Getting a Passport [Solo]

    Aiden Ainsley
    Aiden Ainsley

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    Getting a Passport [Solo] Empty Getting a Passport [Solo]

    Post by Aiden Ainsley 3rd June 2020, 6:01 pm

    Aiden was someone who was always thirsting for adventure, looking for things unknown to people. He would have been the perfect explorer if he wasn’t so afraid of everything. His careful eyes scanned the streets of Hargeon Town, looking for a clue on where to go. He wasn’t exactly that used to the layout of the town quite yet. Not only that but he had chosen to come alone to get his passport because how hard could that really be? He obviously underestimated himself.
    Eventually he would happen upon a map. He knew he had to go to the docks to get his passport, but he wasn’t sure where the docks where. He used his index finger to trace along to line of the map straight to the docks. He looked up and around, examining his surroundings before deciding that going to his right would bring him to the right place. The map would lead him right to the dock.

    When he got there, he almost couldn’t hold his joy of being able to get this task over with quickly so he could get back to his machines. When he looked up, he saw the long line that awaited him. People old and young were lined up, some with their families. They were all trying to get passports!

    He let out an exasperated sigh and slowly made his way to the end of the line. He stood there quietly; head hung low as to not attract any attention to himself. In the end it was all for nothing as he felt a large hand fall onto his shoulder. His back tensed up from shock as he slowly turned his head to see group of rather muscular men. “My friends over here said you cut them in line!” he grinned evilly as he kept his hand on Aiden’s small shoulder. The boy would take a gulp and bowed his head “Y- Yes… My mistake…” he muttered as he quickly made his way further back in the line. He would then reassume his positions of standing silently, hoping no one else would bother him.

    He waited for about an hour in this slowly moving line that seemed to drag on forever, with no end in sight. Eventually though, he had made it up to the front of the line and was met by a nice-looking young man who was about his age “Hi, can I see some identification please?” he smiled. He nodded and showed his Rune Knight Symbol “Aiden Ainsley. Rune Knight.”. The guy started to write down information as Aiden answered his questions.

    “How old are you?”


    “Date of Birth?”

    “August Twentieth”

    “Any Occupations?”

    “Uhm… Rune Knight…” He would say, avoiding mentioning his father’s engineering company.

    The man nodded and stood up “If you’ll follow me, we will get your picture taken for your passport.” He walked into the room behind him, Aiden following. He had him sit in a chair and would adjust Aiden’s posture and head angle. After a few minutes of fidgeting with the picture it was finally taken, Aiden receiving his passport a few minutes later.

    He would walk back out onto the docks before heading back to the Rune Knights HQ. Looking out into the sea, he smiled warmly, thinking of whatever adventures awaited him out there.

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