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    Out of the Harbor (Seika)


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    Out of the Harbor (Seika) Empty Out of the Harbor (Seika)

    Post by Ran 2nd June 2020, 9:01 pm

    Today on the agenda, there was just a simple task Seika agreed to a while ago. Originally, Captain Kooh had allowed her to sail with his crew to Fiore, with the condition that she would assist him if he ever needed help and she was in the area. It just so happened that Seika had been in Hargeon for the purpose of acquiring a passport, so the day after that was taken care of she met Captain Kooh down at the docks.

    He was the same as she remembered. Gruff, but kind, as he ordered her to help the others carry cargo onto the ship. Apparently, that was all he needed her help with; some of the workers had requested vacation time to spend with their families recently so he was short a few hands. No problem. Seika could carry a barrel by herself (barely, but she could manage it). And even though the crates were honestly too heavy for her, she solved the issue by dragging it up the ramp onto the ship.

    Everyone was pretty patient with her as she stumbled around on deck; she knew some of the crew from her journey here a few years ago, but they were distant memories and she could barely remember a single name. Still, nobody seemed disappointed; equally, Seika was relieved and in fact overjoyed to see that some were still here and alive, kicking and part of Captain Kooh's crew. The journey to River Village wasn't a short one, because that port was completely on the other side of Fiore from Hargeon Town. Regardless, the trip felt short because of the incredible ease and kindness Seika experienced.

    As they sailed, Seika reflected that she was still just as afraid of water as she had been years ago. To be honest, the peachy haired girl thought she should have gotten over that fear by now. Unfortunately for reality, things didn't quite work out as hoped all the time. Instead of being deathly afraid of crashing into rocks or things like that, structures essentially, now Seika was more afraid of sharks and giant sea creatures. With relief she could be sure that on this journey they wouldn't be going anywhere far enough for there to be major sea creatures (unless for some reason an ocean dragon chose to terrorize a coast village). But it was enough for them to be out there, somewhere. Even not being actively afraid at the moment of an attack in the near future, Seika was sure it would happen someday. She would be sailing off to Desierto or another far off nation and be stranded on an island or worse, just die in the shipwreck or attack itself.

    These thoughts kept Seika occupied during the short few day trip to River Village. When they arrived, she absentmindedly assisted the crew in unloading the cargo. Inside her head, though, her thoughts were swirling with curiosity. Could she someday eliminate all of the life from the oceans? As unlikely as it was... she couldn't see beyond the fear of monstrosities lying below. And when considering the fame it could bring her to be seen as a hero, Seika could barely bring herself to hope for that much.

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