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    Esper Magic

    Tengen Toppa
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    Esper Magic Empty Esper Magic

    Post by Tengen Toppa on Tue 2 Jun - 21:09


    Magic Name: Esper Magic
    Magic Type: Caster

    Esper magic is a subset of Psychic magic that is inherited rather than trained, allowing the individual to perceive outside of the six senses. Similar to Psychic Magic, it allows the individual to perceive beyond what can ordinarily be seen by humans, but is more intuitively learned than mentally focused. As a result, the magic does not require the significant mental taxation of a Psychic, and furthermore, the magical capabilities for an Esper far outweigh their Psychic counterparts.

    Esper magic is subtle and discreet, often times, the magic is invisible and more based around utility than actual warfare. However in the hands of a skilled user and a creative mind, Espers are able to manipulate a great deal via their telekinetic capabilities. At basal levels, Espers are able to cognitively assess and manipulate physical matter around them. At higher levels, Espers are able to control the laws of physics via Physikinesis.

    Unique Abilities:

    • Ability 1: The first and foremost ability of an Esper is the innate talent to be able to control every single physical body part with their mind, down to every single muscle cell and nerve in their body. As a result of this, an Esper is capable of producing phenomenal effects with their physical capabilities. For example, by consuming food, an Esper is able to break down every single ingredient or makeup of that particular item. Others include being able to control body temperature, heart rate, oxygen intake and carbon dioxide levels within the body to survive harsh climates.
    • Ability 2:
    • Ability 3:


    MP Cost:

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