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    Navigating the Internet


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    Navigating the Internet  Empty Navigating the Internet

    Post by Juuya on 2nd June 2020, 5:21 pm

    "Commander West is posting so much! And Ms. Sivvy, too!" said Nico, somewhere on Amber Island, sitting on a large stone near the guildhall with his iLac in hand. His face was glazed with sweat, just finishing up his daily warm-ups and, like a teenager at a dining table, sat there on his phone with an eager look on his face.

    LacBook—a new social media platform that blew up in just the past week. Nico had owned an iLac before, but he really had only used it to figure out where he was or needed to go. He didn't partake in the online world until now, and he couldn't have been more thrilled. All of his favorite people were on there: Nessa C. Lux, Ms. Sivvy, Commander West, and some of his friends in Dies Irae. He wasn't very active himself on the platform, but he always enjoyed the surprise in seeing what they were up to. In fact, he became so eager and excited, Nico couldn't help but wonder if he should start finding something to post about, too. The problem was... what, though?

    "Hmmgh..." hummed Nico, stroking his chin and squinting at the screen, thinking hard about something, "maaaybeee.... I can post about how awesome Amber Island is...? I wonder if Ms. Sivvy would comment... hmm...!"

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    Navigating the Internet  Empty Re: Navigating the Internet

    Post by Illya Pegasus on 2nd June 2020, 5:45 pm

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    Dies Irae was a fun guild for certain, but Illya wanted to see if she could delve into the other aspects of her would-be careers. She had been training to get back into the idoling scene, but there needed to be something...more. Something different. Then, like manna from heaven, it came. Illya had overheard someone mentioning a new social media website known as LacBook. This was her chance! After seeing someone rise to the ranks with their own pictures of modeling, Illya knew she had to get involved in the same scene.

    Such went the past few days, darting back and forth to Rose Garden for trying out new clothes and posting them on the website, loving the attention from it and being able to see evil criminals admit their own guilt. This site was perfect!

    So much so that she had fallen behind on her training. The Commander had been frustrated with it and kept assigning Illya more and more, but every opportunity she had, Illya was back on LacBook. It was so addicting, so rewarding! She had just gotten back from a modeling shoot and was waiting for the right time to post the results when-

    She ran into someone. She fumbled with her own iLac before looking up to see her fellow guildmate, standing by himself. ”Ahhhh! Sorry, Nico! I should probably watch where I’m going. LacBook’s just soooooo addicting! Ooh, are you on it yet? Ohmygosh you should see some of my statuses I look SO cute in those shoots!” Illya smiled at her fellow member of Dies Irae, completely oblivious to if he even was on the site and his own plights.

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