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    Jennifer Ford
    Jennifer Ford

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    #PleasantSurpriseAtTheSpa Empty #PleasantSurpriseAtTheSpa

    Post by Jennifer Ford on 1st June 2020, 1:49 pm

    Jen had arrived in Hosenka a little earlier than she had planned, so she decided to rent a room at one of the hotels. Logging on to lacbook, she decided to post some saucy pictures, as she usually did, before making her way to the spa. There was a solid wall between the male and female sections, complete with a magic that would keep men from scaling it. As Jen waded to the far side of the women's section of the spa, she wore only a towel, which she discarded once she decided to sit down, resting her back against the stone barrier that kept the water in. It was nice to take a day to relax once in a while, and she felt that this was the best way to do so. It was certainly more liberating than most of the other things she had tried. All she really needed to do was to keep her arm above the water, so as to avoid getting it wet. But, after she thought on this a bit, she realized that there was a more simple course of action. She promptly brought her left hand up to press a button on her arm, which allowed it to be detached safely, and set it down behind her, but within reach in case she needed it. She felt a bit lopsided without it, but it was better than holding it up the whole time.

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    Post by Eireen on 4th June 2020, 3:50 pm

    “Hey, Eireen.”

    “Yes, my lovely snuggle bear?”

    The ethereal sighed but chose not to comment on the ridiculous nickname.  “I appreciate that you’re taking a break from lurking on LacBook, but what the hell are you doing here?”

    “What do you mean?  I’m in Hosenka.  What else does this place have other than the spas?”
    Eireen replied, a frown finding its way to her visage.  Sure, she had become a tad bit obsessed with LacBook, but it wasn’t to the degree that it hindered her work.  The reaper needed to be aware of every single exchange on the platform, therefore she invested a large amount of time in it.  Eireen wasn’t addicted or anything, it was all just for research purposes.

    But more importantly, it was about time she visited the spas at Hosenka.  Sure, she’d been in the city before, but that was for business.  Her schedule hadn’t allowed any time for leisure.  But now that there was some allotted time, the pink-haired mage might as well knock it off her to-do list.  She had already changed out of her clothes and into her towel before entering into the women’s spas.

    “Oooh, Chance, avert your eyes!  We aren’t alone in here, so don’t go peeping on girls!”

    “...I know I called myself ‘male’, but any label to my gender is arbitrary.  I don’t care who I see naked.”

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