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    Post by Dagda 31st May 2020, 12:50 pm

    ♜ Leviathan ♜ 8EgfZDR

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    In the Marmor (stone titan) clans on the planet Tetsukazu, there has been a leader elected by trial of battle and physical ability. This started when the many different types of Marmor were at odds with one another eons ago. Discord was sown throughout the highlands. A Red Rocks warrior by the name of Doughall went to the sacred site called the Soul of the Peaks. There, he meditated and prayed to the World Spirit for guidance to cease the fighting between the Marmor. Then the World Spirit, the one who created stone titans in the beginning from the very mountains they lived in, bestowed a power unto Doughall. This power allowed for him to grow many stories taller than other titans and gave him a great magical strength. It also gave him a wisdom and charisma that helped as he traveled the highlands and united the Marmor. They elected him their leader and gave him the title of Leviathan. When his time passed, another Leviathan was elected by trial of battle and tests of wit and strength. The Leviathan of the Marmor can be male or female and any race of titan as long as they prove they are worthy.

    For all his life, Dagda wanted to be Leviathan. He worked and trained and studied throughout his younger years. It was his dream to be just like Doughall, the first Leviathan. As an adult, the current Leviathan passed, and the opportunity he had always waited for was upon him. He made it through every trial with determination to fuel him and ended up being the champion by just a hair. Traveling to the Soul of the Peaks, he was bestowed with the Leviathan powers by the World Spirit. He's held the position and magic ever since and has used it to help his people.

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