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    Threads of Fate


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    Threads of Fate Empty Threads of Fate

    Post by polarNarcotic on 30th May 2020, 6:42 pm


    Magic Name: Strings of Fate
    Magic Type: Caster
    Description: Strings of Fate is a magic in which the user creates and manipulates an array of threads formed from life force. These strings themselves can be utilized to form constructs and attack in a variety of straight-forward ways, much like one would expect from a 'make' type magic, but they may also be used to deliver a variety of boons and/or curses called 'fates' by attaching the strings to a target. If the user were to afflict someone with the fate of the slow, for example, the target would find their movements and even thought processes slowed, while the fate of life would heal and restore life to someone over time. The same fates can be applied to inanimate objects as well, to a degree, the fate of the slow causing objects to move slower than normal when falling or being thrown for example, while the fate of life would animate the object to a limited degree, allowing it to move any of it's normally-moving parts but not imparting any other special abilities. These benefits and afflictions remain in place typically for as long as the user's threads remain in contact with their target. Finally, the user is able to see and interact with the strings of fate that come from all living things, allowing them to track by following the strings, harm others by severing the strings, or even control living things by interacting with these strings through the use of this magic. The biggest downside to these threads of fate is that they can be severed almost instantly by applying damage of equal rank to the spell used to create the threads in the first place, potentially ending their effects early against the user's will.  

    In addition, applying 'fates' to strings that are not attached to anyone or anything will cause the strings being manifested to take on properties of that fate. If Rowan were to apply the fate of the slow to a created construct, for example, it would move slowly. Even gravity's effects on the object would be slowed. If he were to apply the fate of life to a created string, it would take on a life of it's own and act on Rowan's behalf, and if he were to apply something like the fate of the strong the strings would have a notably higher impact force when striking.

    Rowan himself uses this magic to entrap as well as to reposition himself and others by attaching strings to people and objects and using them to swing either himself or his target about. When it comes to the fates that can be forced onto others, Rowan prefers to use supportive and healing fates over anything directly offensive, relying on the physical aspect of his magic to get by in a one-on-one confrontation. Rowan is also capable of reversing the effects of any of his 'fate' spells, causing the exact opposite of the stated effect to occur if he himself severs the string of fate connected to his target. He focuses on using this specific side of his magic's abilities to his advantage when fighting offensively, turning his helpful spells into harmful ones to plague his foes, who are initially caught off guard by him placing beneficial spells on them - at least, ideally.
    Unique Abilities:

    • Ability 1: Rowan can sever the strings of any of his 'fate' spells to cause it's effect to reverse. For example, healing effects would cause damage, slowing effects would speed up the target instead, etc. This reversed effect then stays in place until the spell's normal duration would have ended, and cannot be removed by targeting Rowan's strings as one would normally be able to. If someone else severs the strings first, however, the reversing effect will not occur, allowing for a chance to stop Rowan from doing as he intends with his spells.
    • Ability 2:
    • Ability 3:


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