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    Lustitiae meets the Demons’ Den

    Mr. Anderson
    Mr. Anderson

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    Lustitiae meets the Demons’ Den Empty Lustitiae meets the Demons’ Den

    Post by Mr. Anderson 25th May 2020, 9:39 am

    Job Title: Demons’ Den
    Rank: C
    Job Location: Major City/Town
    Solo Word Count: 1500
    Group Word Count: 3000
    Additional Requirements: Neutral or Dark Guild, or Guildless.
    Job Description: A local bar has been stealing clients from the “Black Cat Lounge” of late called the Demons’ Den. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, but they have scared away customers, harassed suppliers to the club and even vandalized the outsides or ads about the place. The owner, Agil, requests them dealt with however necessary to get them off his back or he would.

    Confront the thugs from the establishment and make em stop, by force or by other means.

    One minor detail, they are actual demons in the place.


    Conduct 2 rolls :

    Weak: 12 D Class human thug enemies. Mostly roguish men with headbands, eyepatches, tusseled clothing and bad smelling oder of booze. They roughly have D rank weapons of broken bottels or discarded staves or lead pipes. Easy prey for most mages , down with 1 single target D spells most of the time or melee.

    Normal: 3 C class Orc enemies. Both heavily bulky and taller than most humans. The bar is also home to non-humans as they are the ones that vandalized stuff. Though they are physically strong, they also are 50% more resistance to magic. They have giant clubs to swing and smash enemies. Duration effects last twice as long on them.

    Strong to Boss: A rather hulking human-- hides the form of a powerful demon that transforms before your very eye. This enemy is B class strength in HP, and also contain a strong resistance to fire magic by 50% He uses C rank fire spells and B class melee damage-- however he is slower than usual after he casts his spells. Easy to dodge around. He can fly however, but then cannot use melee attacks. However, he is weaker against Ice/water magic by 50% more.

    Note: if you roll Strong to Boss first, you fight his HP count two times. But you will have the help of the 'client'.

    Reward: 175 EXP + 15K Jewel + another 5K if rolled Strong or Boss encounter.


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