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    Motor City Rush


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    Motor City Rush Empty Motor City Rush

    Post by Elara 24th May 2020, 1:21 pm

    What had started out as just a simple driving test had quickly escalated and to the surprise of Miranda and to the bafflement of the old woman who was delivering the test, swiftly turned into an absolute farce. The pair were now driving for their lives, chased by a gang of angry bikers who wanted nothing more than to beat them both to a pulp. It had all started so innocently, with the mage just wanting to prove that her driving skills were up to scratch by passing the test. The old woman agreed to test her and for the first half an hour or so, things went pretty well and the bluenette was handling the test well and confident that she would pass.

    That was until they had come across the bikers, who were sitting outside a local diner, looking for trouble. One of them caught a glimpse of Miranda as she and the old woman were driving by, who made a rather overt gesture with his hand at her and the bluenette had naturally responded by sticking her middle finger up at him from the driver's seat of the car. The reaction was quick and the bikers were soon clambering on to their bikes, leading to the situation that they were in. Miranda found it more funny than anything and was hardly worried about the situation, while the old woman turned out to have a temper herself and had started hurling abuse at the bikers by sticking her head out of the window and yelling. The chase went on for about twenty minutes, with the bikers unable to pass and block her in due to Miranda's occasional daring move to keep them behind. She led them on a merry dance through the town and handled the streets like a pro, noticing that the old woman was still making the occasional note or two, when not hurling abuse. It was one of the most bizarre situations of her life but somehow, Miranda just had the feeling that this would be happening a lot.

    The end of the chase came to a rather entertaining end, as the pair of women found themselves coming up to the end of the road, with their next stop soon to be a raging river at the edge of the town and swiftly put on the brakes. The bikers, however, were not quite so lucky and went speeding past them and off the edge of the road, landing with a splash in the river below.

    Happy with how things had planned out, Miranda turned to the old woman and said, "So, did I pass?"

    The lady, who was grinning ear to ear, answered spiritedly, "Oh, I'd say so. Anyone able to keep in front of that long for so long is more than qualified for a licence. Thanks for taking out that trash too, they've been bothering us for a while and needed to be taught a lesson. Let's get back to the depot and I'll get you your licence."

    With a nod, Miranda turned the car around and headed off back the way they had come. What had begun as a simple task had turned out to be quite the adventure, something that she hoped would continue as time went by.

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