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    Fantastic Flair (intro, open to ER)


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    Fantastic Flair (intro, open to ER) Empty Fantastic Flair (intro, open to ER)

    Post by Fantastico on 22nd May 2020, 11:08 pm

    Midway into the afternoon, the city of Hostia seemed to still shine in the distance as a dark ship with red sails slowly made it's way towards the port of the city. Behind the wheel of the ship Fantastico smirked as the ship's speed and the wind slowed down as the port was in sight. His grip on the wheel loosened before he reached into his coats inner pocket and pulled out the flask, loosened the cork and took a swing of his whiskey. "Looks like the tips are true." He said as he took in a sniff of the fresh air of the sea. Out from underneath him, a pale skinned purple haired specter rose through the ship's boards and the wheel. The spirit Serena haunting Fantastico's ship, the Phoenixia often tried to scare Fantastico in similar tactics but Fantastico had become used to undead, causing the edge of surprise to dull over time to a point where he hardly reacts.

    Serena smirked as she took the flask out of Fantastico's hand before taking a swig. Fantastico chuckled a bit.  "We're almost there. Seems like the informant was right so far." Serena bent backwards in an unnatural fashion, so far that no human body would actually be that limber as her darkened sclera eyes looked at the city in the distance. "Definitely a city, but is it as it was described? Ruled by a Shadow Guild?"

    "Believe Fiorans call them Dark guilds. Also-" Fantastico took his flask back from the spirit and pointed towards a few ships at the port with blag flags. "I recognize a few of those ships from a few jobs I did, remind me later to find the crew of one of them as they owe me money." Serena chuckled as she she sat back up before jumping off the wheel. "Former jobs that didn't pay up, or gamblers that escaped you?" She said as she started to lay down on the side of the ship, letting her left leg dangle over the edge. "Both I believe if  the crew hasn't changed much." He said as the ship got close to dock. Fantastico pulled a lever as the ships sails started to fold in and started to walk down the steps and along the deck of the ship, his hands in his pocket as he maintained a vigorous nonchalance. Ya want out and about or ya good in the bottle?" Fantastico said as he approached the docks.

    Serena smirked as she got up, walking along the railing. "Who knows, having a pretty dead woman in your arms might help your appeal. Though I feel you won't need me for that alone." She said as she stood, waiting for the man to make his move. He nodded before stepping on top of the railing himself and jumped off the side of the ship landing on the wooden docks on his own two feet causing the platform to shake a bit nearby. The pirate raised his right hand towards the ship and whistled, and the ship turned into a red energy before condensing and shriking, before a glass bottle formed around it with a cork, becoming a miniature version of itself, and the spirit of Serena was left floating as it gently descended towards the docks. Fantastico held out the bottle and thrust it through the spirit and let go, at first it seemed the bottle was floating in mid air within the spirit as she appeared translucent before regaining a solid like appearance.

    Fantastico wrapped his arm around the her shoulder as they walked down the docks, until one particular man got in the way and pushed Fantastico back. "Oy! Watch it, nearly dropped my golden compass cause of your stunt, if you know what's best you'll get down and kiss my boots." Fantastico looked down at the man, who was muscular at a height of six feet flat, nearly half a foot shorter than Fantastico but still a menacing man for the average person. "If a little rumble makes you lose your grip, and your lips, I wonder how you can ever get a woman in bed." He said causing Serena to giggle and the various men around the docks seemed to bellow in laughter at the man's expense. In response the enraged man swung towards the pirate with an uppercut but the pirate responded by stepping back before the fist could connect, letting go of Serena in the process. Fantastico followed by kicking the man on the inner side of his left knee with his right foot, knocking the man off balance before backhand slapping the man in the neck knocking him back.

    He grunted before he reached behind his back and pulled out a bottle with a rag in it and a lighter in the other, he flickered the lighter and looked at Fantastico smugly. "Let's see how you handle this pretty boy!" He tried to bring the flame closer to the bottle but Fantastico grabbed the wrist holding the lighter, holding it up towards his face. "Serena, how much did I drink on the way here?" He said pretending his memory failed him, Serena caught on and decided to join in on the fun. "Oh, I stopped counting at the fourth flask and third bottle." The man gulped before trying to free himself from the grasp of the pirate. Fantastico grabbed the man's hair as he pulled back, forcing the man's eyes to open as he held the man's hand with the lit lighter between the two before exhaling a large alcohol fueled breath causing fire to blow on the man's face and directly on his eyes, he waited for a few moment before pushing the man back listening to his screams as his face was on fire, noticing the sparkles of the earlier mentioned compass. Fantastico kicked the man in the side knocking him over causing the gold compass to fly out of his pocket, and quickly reached for it.

    "Here's some advice pal, don't pick a fight you can't win, and don't brag about what you got. From the looks of things you got this gambling, a lucky break I take it, now literally." He put the compass in his pocket before picking up the man by the collar, still on fire and whimpering. "I know you can't see my point, considering your optical nerves are working as much as your sense, so I'm just gonna put you out." He said before tossing the man in the water. Serena and the bystanders were laughing.

    Fantastico kept walking, wrapping his arm around Serena again as he walked with pride and confidence. "Well, that got heated quickly." She said to the red clad pirate.  Fantastico and Serena walked through the streets of the city, stopping by various stands and small businesses in the open market, not being discrete about his desire at all to meet with members of Errings Rising, especially the so called Queen. He made sure that if the Queen had ears in the street, she would get there attention. "A pyro pirate with a dead woman, asking about for the Queen, seems like you almost got what you want."  Fantastico nodded, looking around as he plotted his next antic, when luck would have it he heard a voice from behind.

    "There he is Uncle Tom!" A boy's voice called out from behind, Fantastico turned around to see a boy pointing at him with a rather tall and hefty man standing next to him. "That's the man that hurt my daddy!" Fantastico let go of the spirit again as he turned around, looking at the large bearded man, smiling smugly in the face of the scowl. "So you're the one that burnt and robbed my little brother." He said cracking his knuckles. "Geeze, he's got to be what, 250, no, more like 270 pounds. Fantastico thought before he called out to the man. "That fool stepped up to me instead of letting me walk, and bragged about the compass. He got what he deserved."

    The man grunted before he began to charge at Fantastico ready to swing. Fantastico saw this and sighed, he realized he made one mistake, he had higher expectations. He had been dealing with pirates his whole life, training to become smarter, better, every day. Common thugs were hardly satisfying for brawls as of late for him. In the moment as Tom got close he grabbed Tom by the collar and tossed him down towards the ground. The immense momentum caused the man to crash into a parked wooden cart filled with cabbages, breaking it causing the cabbages to fall out of the cart. "My cabbages!" the businessman running the cart cried out in shock.

    Fantastico walked over to Tom and lifted his head, before attempting to stuff a cabbage in his mouth and putting him down before standing up, and quickly lifting his foot before slamming his foot down on the back of Tom's head, hearing the muffled scream Tom let out. Fantastico reached into his pocket and pulled out a small roll of bills before shoving it into the Cabbage cart operator's breast pocket, patting it. "For your trouble, didn't mean to screw over your business." The frail man shook nervously. "That a... silence fee as well?" Fantastico chuckled as he began to walk away. "Just something for the trouble, I don't see any point for a silencing fee. In fact consider it the opposite. Anyone asks, I'm headin' to the bar, and lookin' for the queen."

    Fantastico and Serena walked away from the market at eventually ended up walking into a near empty bar. The two walked in and sat at the bar and tapped the bar twice getting the attention of the bartender. "Yo, barkeep, a beer and a-" He looked over at Serena, nodding for her to speak up. "A glass of red wine." She said. The barkeep nodded, sliding over a opened bottle and poured a glass, bringing it over before he actually got a look at the woman, he almost froze in fear. Serena grabbed the glass out of his hand. "Miss, are you a vampire?" he asked nervously. Serena coyly smiled and giggled. "Ghost actually."

    The man nodded as he started to wash some glasses. "Who's name should I put the tab in? Guessin' yer that Fantastico guy. Word has it a red clad pirate and a dead woman been poking about for the Queen."  Fantastico nodded. "Aye." The bartender sighed. "Not sure what a Captain of the Red Winds wants with the guild, but don't wreck my bar."

    Fantastico was slightly concerned that the man knew of his reputation but didn't take it hard. "Well if you want attention, odds are you got it by now." Fantastico smirked at that bit of information. While patience was a temperamental virtue in him, he had a feeling it'd pay off at this point.

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    Fantastic Flair (intro, open to ER) Empty Re: Fantastic Flair (intro, open to ER)

    Post by Cirven on 3rd July 2020, 11:53 am

    "You really have made a name for yourself quick in this city, huh?" A man's voice spoke out from behind the Pirate Captain. Those who turned to look would see a child but Fantastico would recognize the child as the one that had his uncle attack him earlier to avenge his father. Everyone would realize that this child's voice did not match him physically. "Seriously thought that you would do more to that overgrown man than what you did but it was still interesting to watch." The child continued to speak towards Fantastico as he walked up to one of the bar chairs. The child flipped into the air and landed on the taller bar chair. The counter of the bar was still above the child's head while he was in the chair. "Are you who I think you are...?" The bartender spoke quizzically. "You don't recognize your King, Evret?" The child spoke and then broke his face into a long grin. "Oh! My liege!" Evret exclaimed before dropping to a knee and bowing his head. To those who would be looking at the scene they would see a child sitting at the bar counter one second but then see a man dressed in all black with emerald green eyes and long white hair take his place. "Evret, you do not need to do that now. I gave you this bar and it is your domain. In here consider me just another customer. At least when it comes to things staying normal. Speaking of I'll take my usual." The white haired man spoke and Evret quickly stood up and started to make a drink.

    His two emerald orbs turned to the Pirate Captain and his ghost companion. "Yo! I'm Cirven Mizune, Devil King and Ace of Errings Rising. Heard you were looking for us or do you have a weird way of showing how much of a fanboy you are for Queenie?" Cirven spoke just before a glass with a blue liquid inside of it was placed in front of him by Evret. Cirven nodded to his subordinate and then downed the entire glass with his eyes never leaving the two he was in a conversation with. "I have traveled all around the world but I have never really seen a ghost like you before. Especially one that actually can consume drinks. You are defying the laws of the living and dead which just so happens to be another of my obligations as what most would call a Grim Reaper. I wonder if I should reap you or not though...?" Cirven seemed to be asking the ghost woman for her approval it seemed but really had some hidden intentions with his words.


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