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    It’s All Come Down to This... (Exam)


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    It’s All Come Down to This... (Exam) Empty It’s All Come Down to This... (Exam)

    Post by Sanguine 22nd May 2020, 8:47 am

    A light sigh left the maid as she had finished preparing herself for the morning. She stood in her room, by her full length mirror and standing before herself to the reflection as a check of how presentable she was, if this was well enough to fit the image she presented to herself and onto her other maids under her. She took great pride in herself, even to be something like a maid held no handicap to her abilities, nor was she expected to be as weak as one would assume “the help” to be. But that was all to the fun of the element of surprise. When someone whom treated her like nothing but a helpless welp, she made sure it was the last time they disrespected even the smallest looking part of the guild. To be honest, it was the most fun part of being the maid. That look in their eyes when your power towers over them and their ego shrinks to the size of a pea.

    ”All done, Mistress!” A peppy, accented voice cheered from the backside of the head maid, turning around to see that bright smile that was on her face. Marisa, an old childhood friend whom by chance was found at a place she never thought to have found someone who grew up in an environment that they had the chance to. The short blue haired girl jumped for a moment, her hands cupped over her mouth. ”Je suis désolé, madame! I ‘ave been so used to others zat I went off of instinct...” Her head lowered to her feet as the expected scrunching up of her body showed she expected to he hit. At first, there was a stern expression of annoyance on Sanguine’s face, however she turned it right into a gentle smile.

    As the maid continued to be ready for some up-incoming punishment whack or even a full on beating If she were unlucky enough by the day, a hand lightly placed on their shoulders brought their attention away from their feet and up to the slightly taller maid before her. Once her eyes set onto the smile rather than a glaring look of anger and impending doom for her, her face began to flush. ”Trust me, Mari, I know full well what habit is like. Your dedication is more admirable than it is punishable.” This compliment only furthered the girls rosey cheeks to further deepened in hue. ”Remember what I told you when I first told you who I was? That you’d no longer worry about your life as whatever it was they were working to make you do? I know the hardest part of this all is relax. To everyone here, you’re mine. And in here, we’re simply two old friends in the same line of work. Even though I am your boss!~” She winked, even giggling to herself as the joke was let out.

    Pulling herself back, Sanguine gave her friend a light patting the shoulders of the other maid while once more she began to get reclusive and nervous. Now she began to almost imitate a squirming, struggling like action. Her brow furrowed at this sight and quickly turned into a light glare. ”Marisa... What is it that’s bothering you? You know I didn’t forget that fidgeting tick you have.” Marisa jumped, even slightly at being snapped from her nervous position and shaking her head lightly. The head maid just folded her arms at that comment, giving her full stare towards the girl. ”F-Fine Fine. Just please stop looking at me like that. I-It makes me nervous...” Her reply was coupled with a pouting look, not amused at all that she was back to their old antics again. ”Well... sit down then. It’s... it’s going to be a hard hitting story.” While the idea alone wasn’t so worthy of a look of concern, the fact of whom she was dealing with was something that made her a bit more inclined to take the full brunt of an “I should hear this” attitude.

    Seated at the foot of her bed, she sat across from the maid whom began to nervously twiddle her thumbs. Meanwhile, the silver haired maid sat with her arms still crossed, one leg crossed over the other at the knee as this story was becoming a larger issue the more it was being delayed. However, rather than rushing, she would give Marisa the time she needed. Otherwise, the stuttering from the nervousness would drag out longer than the air of silence in the beginning. ”I... I didn’t know this until after I turned 16, when it became enough for them, but... the church is not as clean as you think.” A brow raised, curious, yet keeping from interrupting as the idea was harder than someone outside of this room would understand. ”Some of the priests and even nuns... they’ve been bought out. They raise orphaned children, then the ones who don’t get adopted... most that don’t fit their standards would be left to the streets or offered the chance to work for them. But... the ‘lucky’ ones as they call them, they get taken to a secret place underground Shirotsume. It never gets looked into because the mayor is cut in... and... I only know this much.... because the mayor used to be a master of mine. From 16 to 19 I spent under his control, but then he got bored of me and sold me into the underground market. They don’t think I listen... but I do.” A pause ensued as she let out a sniffle and rubbed her eyes of forming tears. ”A-Anyway... I know you were so happy when you were going with those battle sisters, I got a little envious. I don’t know why the sisters kept us all away from you so often, but you were and still are the same friend I’ve always known... well, maybe a little more serious and shall we say... douée?”

    Her comment didn’t start off as being so obvious, until she looked down and saw where she was looking at. It caused the head maid to begin laughing a bit. Maybe a bit more than she expected to, given the conversation. Now Marisa cleared her throat, trying to jump back to the topic at hand. ”I don’t care so much of your allegiances, or whatever it is you do, but... for me, for future children, please end their chances at this. Don’t do it for just me. Just know... if it had not of been for the sisters, you were on that list.” With her feeling finished, the nervous maid looked up as Sanguine simply stood up from her seat and said not a word. ”M-Madi?” Looking on again as she tried to get the maids attention, the look in her eyes were enough to tell stories. ”Don’t you worry, dear. You were betrayed by those who raised you. I’ll make sure that you’re given my own little form of revenge. Consider this repentance for their sins... ones even I wouldn’t dare commit.” Her implication of having committed such acts had dampened the mood of the assisting maid, but after a moment to consider the idea, it was better she did it this way. Had she of tried to involve others, she would be afraid of it backfiring in her and or Sanguine’s faces. This way, if anything, she would be sure to leave a mark of her own against such things.

    ”You know... I didn’t plan to wear this for anything.. but you know what? I think it would make for the most perfect entry into the whole ordeal.” A smile crossed the maids face as she began formulating ideas to get into this whole ordeal. Just then, a knock came to the door. Without even saying a word, Marisa has jumped to the chance and opened the door, seeing the maid and the oddly dressed head maid further back in her room. ”I-I have a request for you from her majesty. Here is the paperwork and the request to depart soon for the task.” The maid extended the hand with the papers in hand, and before the French maid could take them, a section of white hair wrapped around and took the papers, yanking them over to the slayer. ”Please wait there whole I look this over. I was about to leave on a personal request, however if I can-” She was ready to finish the response when the town name came to light in her view. A grin formed on her face for a moment before returning to the maid at the door. ”Ohohoho~ This makes all the more sense. Tell her majesty I will be leaving immediately, once I am better suited in a proper attire. Don’t bother mentioning the personal request part, it can be done all at once. Thank you, and dismissed.” With Marisa’s blessing curtsy almost in sync with the maid whom arrived, she left and the French maid shut the door just after, resting her body against it while looking on at her friend in a worried expression. ”Seems the mayor might have been the mastermind of it all after all. Help me change into this outfit please, Mari? I am going to leave Shirotsume in ruins for this and I’ll make sure each child of this is helped. We may end up with a few more helpful souls around the place, but that will be by choice, not force. I promise.”


    The flight to Shirotsume was a little longer than she would have liked, but patience could not make her already fast flight speed any higher than it was already going. Granted, even that had not been so very fast, she had a plan and she was committed to making every single person involved pay with the greatest scorn of the Demi dragoness. She was angered, more so that she had countlessly played scenarios of what could have been had she not of been adopted by the celestial spirit known as Aiyana. If not for the sight on the town in her view, she would have continued to dwell in unnecessary territory and for that, she did well to shake the ideas from her mind and focus on the jobs at hand. Taking the chance to make this work much better, the disguised looking maid touched down on a path leading to the town about a mile down the road, beginning on foot to head over while she let her hands and hair assess the damage of the flight had done by brushing out her clothes as the hair rebraided itself after undoing the style entirely from the low hanging braided twintails that she’d chosen with the attire.

    Growing up, Twintails were what she was most comfortable with, and upon returning would reassure the idea that it truly was the Madison Richter that they knew had left. Being the same, but different had been something that she felt was most convincing to the outfit, and though it was for the sake of the job she did this, it felt.. normal. Being able to do things for herself of full free will was an inviting feeling to have in her life again. If anything, it craved to happen more. Maybe a little at a time, no doubt. And if she could recall correctly, it wasn’t until Nightmare that she ceased to really care to do much with her appearance until she were in the much more willing care of Grim. And how the reaper would love to hear this story when she returned. Maybe some loving head pats or a good, long kiss? Either one was an acceptable currency to her right now.

    As the feeling of the air in the town had hit the slayers nose, she felt disgusted. This once loved air and vibe within the town was now soured with the sins and distaste for their practices. She wasn’t much one to keep to being the overly religious fanatic she once was as a child, but she still cared for it and those whom genuinely believed in it. To see it sullied for the greed of humanity made her beyond angry. But, she had to keep the calm demeanor for now. Citizens none the wiser to it all came past the traveling “nun”, greeting her as ‘sister’ and wishing her blessed days, to which she shared in return. None of these people deserved to die. As much as she felt completely ending the life of every person here would solve a problem, she couldn’t see the need to. Sure, Sanguine felt the death would feed the taste for blood, there was still that young girl inside that couldn’t come to kill those who did nothing wrong. It was a conflicting mess, but that’s what helped hold her together as well.

    The head maid continued her way to the church, where she had entered without even a moment to mentally prepare herself for this. She was prepared for this the moment she took off from the mountain. Any holding off would only hinder her job and she would not let this job be done any less than what her majesty would expect from her head maid. ”Hello?” The white haired girl called out, stepping into the church halls, shutting the doors behind her. Two middle aged women stepped out from the other end of the church, spotting the younger looking nun, their eyes widened a little before welcoming her to the church. ”Thank you, sisters! I haven’t been back here in so long, I almost thought I wouldn’t be remembered.” The maid replied, giving a light curtsy and then beginning to make her way further down the aisle until she approached the two nuns.

    ”My name is Sister Madison Richter.” Giving a full introduction, the two nuns albeit gasped and began to break down with praises to god for the return of one of their own. ”Now now, relax sisters. I may have been gone for a long time, however with the guidance of the lord, I’ve been able to pass trial after trial to overcome every obstacle.” Her hand raised to place itself overtop of a Rosario that hung around her neck in place of her normal collar. A Rosario entrusted to her when she was adopted and the only true sign that it could have been her. ”Though, I heard of Mother Rose’s passing and as I could not attend the funeral, I prayed to this each night both for her peaceful resting and for forgiveness of being unable to attend...” With a small sigh, the look she gave would have been of genuine sadness. Of all things to be truthful over, each recalled event involving this highly praised nun was true. One of the only adults in her life before Aiyana whom believed in who she was rather than what she was believed to be.

    ”In any case, I am here to see the sister in charge. Is she around?” She asked, her head turning about for a moment before the nuns had begun to answer her. She was at the mayors office, huh? Well, someone more mentally developed in a lot of more.. lewd fashions could only elude to what she was doing there. ”Thank you both. I would wait here for her, but I really am on urgent business so I cannot stay.” With that, she turned her back to the pair of nuns and the cheery look of an innocent and carefree person washed out to that of a determined, angered mage. It was truly a shame what had happened, without a doubt. Or rather... what was about to happen.

    Moving through this town was like being in an auto gps. Nothing about this town had truly changed in the few years in which she was away. Of course, what happened in her time was much different from what it was that she was going through to this. She was older than those that were once days apart from her. The twist of dimensions space and time were fickle beings for sure, and for that her growth had come to be a bit higher and more advanced than she thought to be possible. But even then, some things just never change. Still, it made the maids task that much easier to go through with not having to wipe away half of a town in order to find one person. Thankfully so, she had the fun of not having to go too much out of the way of the church in order to reach her destination.

    Now the fun part was ready to begin. How exactly was she going to be going about getting inside the office? Break through the door, the roof? Oh the ways and reasons were too ample to pick from. Still, the slayer had to be quick on her feet of her choice. Glaring around, she seemed to be a bit lost or hesitant in her choice, but she’d waited until everyone cleared away from the area before she had actually realized the open window. Inaudible words could be heard from it as well, so she knew someone had to be in it, but how was she to get up there? A reverse repunzel was a thought. But why tire herself out doing just that. No, to make a statement off the bat, a smirk came with the lightbulb above her head lighting up. Once more her wings expanded from her back with it, she took off, almost elevating herself slowly up to the window where she sat herself down in the sill of the open window. The scene before her left her speechless, but she only glared with growing anger. Her eyes shifted to a more beastly look, the once round pupils slit thin. Several children looked on from the scene to the new guest as a sole index finger vertically pressed to her lips to symbolize them to be silent. Before her was the newly praised ‘top nun’ of sorts. She couldn’t be bothered to be called by the title as only someone with dignity and respect for their position could stand to be called that.

    The head maid simply let things carry on for a moment longer while the children whom were in the room were becoming less afraid and more curious than anything. Their attention was taken from the scene to the nun whom black wings sat folded against her back. She smiled, then motioned for them to leave the room. Then, one by one, the children got up and began to move towards the door when the mayor began to notice the movement and screamed at them to stop. Two black claw like hands placed on ether side of the mayor shot his posture straight as could be and he froze up. With an elated grin and narrowed eyes of amusement, she looked on only to the children while the nun on her knees had remained silent. ”No no, please do go, children. The adults need to have a.. talk alone. And do make sure that nobody else comes in. We don’t need to be bothered by them.” The kids quickly made for the door, but something struck an idea in her head. ”Oh, little ones.” She called out, seeing the door cracked open as they readied to leave, the maid sinking her claws into the mayors shoulders little by little. ”How many of you here have had to do anything like that by either of these two? Do not be shy, just think of this as open confessional.” Of the seven children in the room, three raised their hands and two seemed a little shaken from this all, but more to it than simply.. this. ”Have you two been...’hurt’?” They both nodded silently, which only forced the sunken nails to dig deeper and the mayor finally break his silence of pain. ”Say no more. The lord has brought me to punish these two, and I will make sure it’s worse than anything they have ever thought possible. So please go on now, you all have been so helpful.”

    Giving them a bit of a close eyed smile, she waited until the door shut to pull the mayor up from his seat, her fingers still dig into his shoulders before throwing him across the room ito a wall. ”Get off of your damned knees, you pathetic excuse of life.” Her demand was met with clawed hands picking up the mayors desk and throwing it aside as well. ”Today we’re going to play a little game. I’m going to ask a series of questions, and each one you answer wrong, or I feel you’re lying...” Her eyes moved between the mayor and the nun, settling on her as she reached down and grabbing her arm. With a bit of force, Sanguine yanked her up and grabbed her hand, moving to a finger before pulling it off from the knuckle. The nun screamed out in pain and then was shoved back towards the mayor. ”And if you touch that door, I will rip your arm off and beat you to death with it. And that is not a threat, that is a promise.” A small laugh began to escape the maids mouth now, beginning to smell the blood from injured nun and the adrenaline beginning to pump. ”Mmm.. what a rush indeed. Now then, Mayor Winestein... how many other children have you done this with?- No no, I don’t want to know. There probably isn’t enough bones in your body to break in order to exact punishment for each and every one of them... instead, how long have you been in bed with the orphanage over this? And before you answer, know that one of you is going to die, and the other I will let live... so let’s see who has more honor in them. Probably after this, I’ll still believe the politician would.” The two looked at one another and as they did, the demi-dragoness grinned.

    Watching them work to destroy the other in order to live was something she thought would never work, at least until the nun blurted out 12 years. The nun then began to stand up and her eyes filled with some large hatred, a burning amount of it. She screamed out about how it was started as a way to remove the maid from the church and assure she could never come back. Since they couldn’t commit the sin of murder, they opted to go down another path. That was, until it was foiled by her being adopted by someone not in their ring. ”All this... to get rid of me!? Was I honestly that big of a problem to you? Are you to tell me you couldn’t have simply kicked me out once I was of enough of an age?” Now even Sanguine was getting angered by this. Her game was going sour fast and it was only making her more wanting to slaughter the lot of them to calm herself, but then the nun continued on, showing how the previous nun wouldn’t allow it, saying how she could see the good in someone who carried a scent of evil. And now to see her as she was only proved it correct.

    Moving closer to the nun, she lifted her foot up and brought it down on top of the chest of the woman, pushing her down against it and growling in anger. ”Do you think I went down this on purpose! It took me years to accept what I was doing was for the right reasons! The sins I have committed amount to NOTHING compared to what you two have been doing!” She turned her attention from the pinned down nun to the mayor, quivering with fright. ”And you. You do remember Marisa, correct? Or do you dehumanize them into not having names when they’re owned by you?” He questioned on, glaring at him while he just nodded slowly, admitting to his knowing of the person in question. ”I’ll have you know that once you sold her off to the black market, I had happened to find her. She’s living quite the happy life in Errings Rising.” And there it was. The mayor had completely frozen still. The name of the guild mentioned struck him to the core in fear. If he was any more frightened, his bowels would probably void themselves right now.

    ”Next question!” She promptly blurted out, which followed by a harsh banging on the door. A slightly muffled voice called through, asking if everyone was hurt, which only made the head maid raise a brow and cock a smile. ”Oh, dear, I’m fine. It’s these two that are in for repentance. Should you stop me, I’ll have to kill you. So back off or die!” She didn’t want to kill this stranger. He may have heard the screaming and banging and thought an accident might have happened. Someone wanting to see if anyone needed help was the sincerity that she wanted to preserve in society. To threaten him was a bit more than she wanted, but she had been already in the upset of it all and just needed to be sure what she was doing was for the best. ”Do you know what I am, oh dear mother? I finally realized it during your screaming at me. I must be quite an idiot for not seeing this before, but it’s become so clear! I am a took of the lord himself! He has believed me to be the specimen to deliver the cure that man has become sickened by. Murder, rape, trafficking, robbery. All of it. I am the hand of god whom will smite them from this earth! Feed on the blood of those whom are sickened to gain the strength of gods.” Her eyes lingered down to the nun under her foot and the maid began to laugh. ”And you, sister. You might not know the plight I endured to learn and become stronger in order to become what I am today, but know I truly never wanted this to happen. In one fell swoop I became what I always dreamed to be and it was taken from me in an instant. But this side of my life has treated me better than I ever thought. And as such, it’s time for you to pay your repentance of your sins.” As she finished her sentence, the Demi dragoness began to apply pressure onto her foot that sat on the nuns chest. More and more until she was squeezing the air from her lungs, followed by the inevitable feeling of her clawing at the feet. A grin formed on her face watching her struggle, but it was time to finish this and begin the next stage. Giving one last thrust of her foot down, she pushed through the chest cavity and through to the ground underneath as though she ripped through paper.

    One cough of blood and a wheeze for air later, the nun laid lifeless on the ground. The mayor witnessing it all had still not moved from his spot. Instead, the maid turned towards him and he began to plead, begging and reminding her of her deal to allow one to live. ”Well yes, in theory I did say that. And you did. But, I did sort of only relay that game towards the whole trafficking ring. And... she was going to die anyway. I’ve always hated her, but the lord chose her to die anyways, so two birds one stone, I suppose. Never the less, you are another job.” Pulling her foot from the nuns corpse, Sanguine made her way over to the mayor, grabbing him by his throat and pulling him up to her eye level. ”Her majesty has sent me here for you, though. Seems you’ve been going against the queen and frankly, that angers me more than it probably does her. So, today you die like a pig.”

    The braided hair began to unravel itself and then move over towards the thrown aside desk. Pulling it back to its position, she then dragged the mayor along to the table, throwing him face down on the table before her hair would coil around the table and his legs and arms, leaving him immobile on the table. One finger tore down the back of his suit and then pushed them aside, leaving his bare back to her. Completely bare, she licked her lips and prepared for the next stage of her punishment. Another free section of her hair lingered by her side and began to grow hotter, almost changing color to a bright red until it was actually emulating being on fire. It began to reshape and grow in size until it was equal in proportion to the best part of his back. ”A pig like you... he has to be made an example of. Don’t you think?” Before he could say anything, another small section of white locks wrapped around his mouth, muffling all attempts to speak, but enough so that she could hear him suffer. Then the burning section pressed down on the bare back. The mayor twisted and screamed through the gag, each note of his song was music to her ears. Watching him worm around brought her such a bout of amusement and joy that if it hadn’t of been for him passing out, she would have wanted a second round, but cowards often were weak like this. With a small sigh, she released his body from her grip and simply leaned in, pushing his head aside and let her teeth break through to his artery, sucking up every ounce of his blood until he was dry.

    Then, the fun part began. She was often on the other side of this, but seeing a coil of rope In his drawer, the head maid pulled it out and tied the corpse’s hands together above his head, then lifted the body up. Moving outside, she flew over to the horizontally hanging flag pole and tore down the flag, replacing it with the waving corpse of their now former mayor, hanging out with the singed brand of Errings Rising on his back. The kicker? His pants still hung down, which was a second sign that she hoped would reach the church to make them think twice of letting this happen again.

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