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    Hunger of the Flesh-Eater

    Kyra Velkhomme
    Kyra Velkhomme

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    Hunger of the Flesh-Eater Empty Hunger of the Flesh-Eater

    Post by Kyra Velkhomme on Wed 20 May - 20:47

    Lineage Name: Hunger of the Flesh-Eater
    Wielder: Kyra Velkhomme
    Purchase Proof: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t14655p600-the-general-store#399279

    Crafted for the specific intention of slaying Gods with the powers of their own followers, an ancient cult developed the Cannibal God Slayer Lacrima. In their lust for power and control, they slaughtered hundreds of thousands of people to obtain the perfect formula to grant an army-busting Lacrima to the strongest member of their order. However, shortly after they had created the Lacrima, a raid upon their headquarters rendered the cult all but defeated, and in a last-ditch effort, the leader of the cult warped the Lacrima so it would not be destroyed or fall into the hands of others.

    Centuries later, the glacier the lacrima was teleported to began to melt, and the lacrima slowly but surely began to float down the rivers, finally landing into the hands of one wandering Kyra Velkhomme, granting the formerly magicless woman with both the power of the magic and of the immense power of the lacrima's origin. Because of the many lives spent to great the lacrima, it contains a power in and of itself, granting Kyra more boons.



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