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    Zero Grimoire

    Prince Chaos
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    Zero Grimoire  Empty Zero Grimoire

    Post by Prince Chaos on 9th May 2020, 5:42 pm

    Name: Zero Grimoire
    Rank: Strong
    Type: Living Tome [Holder Item]
    Proof of purchase: Awarded Through Job Completion
    Tome Form:
    Zero Grimoire  FOPH0Ro
    Human Form:
    Zero Grimoire  4slHCR5
    Combat Abilities:
    Mana Basin Pact: Drawing in magical energies from the surrounding environment - the air, the land, and the water, the Zero Grimoire expands the tome wielder’s  natural reservoirs of magical power. The increase to the wielder’s reservoirs of magical power is as follows 50 percent at D-Rank, 55 percent at C-Rank, 60 percent at B-Rank, 65 percent at A-Rank, and 70 percent at S-Rank. (Extra Ability From Holder Auxiliary Benefit)

    Mana Flow Pact: By regulating the manner in which the tome wielder expels mana from their body, the Zero Grimoire can reduce the amount of magical energy used to summon forth demonic creatures, the usage of demonic whispers, and other spells. The amount reduced by the tome is a flat 50 percent cost reduction to all spells.



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