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    Post by Knight Owl 6th May 2020, 12:35 pm

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    The Sanctum Isles, a small privately owned set of islands connected by bridges and wires that allows ethernanos to travel from one place to another. At the center of it all stands the Observatorium, a research base housing scholars, archaeologists, and researchers of the Alumni of Grimwold. It is through the Morgans' funding, more specifically Ozwald's fudning, that the non mages were able to secure the islands to erect infrastructure necessary for research and development of electricity powered inventions. It also houses the Motherlode, an enormous device that is capable of storing large amounts of data, including research notes and the likes. Surrounding the Motherlode are faded scrolls and books whose knowledge was once lost through the passage of time, its contents now translated and knowledge acquired and stored in the the Motherlode.

    At the center of it all lies a large tower of crystallized ethernanos that powers most of the facilities in the Sanctum Isles. The crystal tower laid dormant for an unknown period of time, and its existence was not discovered until the adventurer extraordinaire, Ozwald, discovered it. Through his genius, the once buried crystal tower now stood proudly for all of Earthland to see and marvel at its beauty.

    Things went awry in Michael's testing when he was confronted by the haunting visage of the heretics who destroyed his order and killed his comrades, all because the spell Ozwald casted suddenly started going haywire, and thus, with the memories of the fallen and coming face to face against his tyrants once more, his inner rage welled and peaked, turning him into a merciless killer. All is well as the spell was undone thanks to Ozwald's quick thinking.

    Upon closer inspection on his inner magic power, they have detected a foreign entity within him; several entities all held through a sigil that could be seen behind his back. Lacking the data Ozwald needs, he had Michael wear a band that monitors his magic power and emotional state. Seeing as he cannot tend to him while he is away looking for a cure, he thus concluded he needs to hire mages to accompany him in his current mission and to keep watch on his behaviors. He has reason to think something will go wrong if he is left unchecked.

    Arriving at the port of the isles, both Michael and Ozwald sat by the kiosk and patiently waits for the hired mages. Michael looks pensive at the thought of being accompanied by total strangers whom he never even met before, let alone what they are capable of. Bad things tend to happen when he is grouped up with total strangers, most especially if they prove to be uncooperative.

    Ozwald took this silence as an opportunity to strike up a conversation. "So, did you recover any memories? Painful as they may be, it should surely help jog you mind." Michael just stared at him, almost looking agitated. He let out a sigh and calms down, knowing now that he must stay calm at all times else he will lose himself once more. "No. I don't." He coldly replied to his sibling. He was taken aback by his brother's current behavior, as if he was suddenly a different person than who he knew.

    "I apologize for being tact-" Before he could even finish his sentence, Michael cut him off. "It's not your fault. You don't need to apologize to anything." He looks even more irate than ever, looking as if he doesn't enjoy Ozwald's company. Thinking to himself, Ozwald hypothesized that his recent ordeal with the awful memories of his past has affected his psych greatly. He breathes deeply, not knowing the proper words to say to his sibling to remedy their relationship. Deep down, he knows he is at fault. He was powerless to stop the spell before it was too late.

    Meanwhile, back in Cedar, a ship awaits by the ports waiting for the hired mages to arrive. The ship is more like a yacht to be precise, all colored in the alumni's colors - white, green, and gold. Accompanying the non mages is a chubby sullen man with auburn brown hair and eyes as blue as the ocean deep, sporting comfortable attire for this heat - a pair of shorts and a smooth t-shirt that says 'NEET', as well as a small elf with radiant orange hair, sharp ears, and orange eyes, dressing in a formal tuxedo. The sad man looks exactly like Ozwald, Francois, and Michael, and the small elf is a few feet smaller than him.

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