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    Captain's Log #3: Majestic Lies and Royal Meetings [Part 3]

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    Captain's Log #3: Majestic Lies and Royal Meetings [Part 3] Empty Captain's Log #3: Majestic Lies and Royal Meetings [Part 3]

    Post by Prince Chaos 27th April 2020, 5:12 pm

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    A searing pain on the side of his head brought the upstart pirate, Cap’n Erik, back to consciousness after he had passed out from over-exerting himself during his idiotic brawl with the mermaid princess, Arcelia. “What in the seven seas?” His mind was recollecting its thoughts as his eyes darted around the carriage. The auburn-haired pirate saw the splashes of blood that covered the back seat of the carriage. Then, he remembered he had called the princess out on her lack of accomplishments and told her she was constantly riding on her father’s coattails. It caused the mermaid to lose herself in her anger and strike him - slamming his head into the carriage window twice. After that, they had a head-on fistfight which led to them wrestling before they both passed out. It was then Erik felt something pressing against his body. He looked forward and saw the mermaid princess laying on top of him.

    In any other circumstance, the pirate would have made a joke about her falling asleep on his chest or maybe felt on her body. However, this was not the usual circumstance.  “Get the hell off of me!” Erik shouted as he pushed her off of him and caused her to fall on the carriage floor. The shock awoke Arcelia, who screamed back at him. “The bloody hell!” She said before she reeled a bit in pain from feeling the bruises and dried bits of blood on her face.  “You!” Her eyes shot daggers at him as she stared down at the man above her. “You, bitch!” Erik shouted back at her.

    Then there was a moment of silence. The duo stared at the other. Their tempers were quickly starting to boil over until they heard the carriage driver along with the sound of others coming near the car. Their voices reached through the carriage walls. “Are you two awake yet, my princess and her guest? I did not wish to disturb you both since you were sleeping soundly after your activity.” The carriage driver spoke to them. He was not sure what had happened. But when he had opened the door earlier, he saw the blood-splattered around the area, then the both of them laying on each other. He would have called the guards - thinking the guest had attacked the princess. But he saw the princess snuggling against the man. Perhaps this was some kind of odd fetish they had? He was not one to judge the desires of royalty.

    For a moment, they were both confused since they realized that the palace’s guards should have been summoned if the driver had seen the scene. However, they were able to rest in the back of the seat until the pirate captain awoke from his slumber because of his head pain and the mermaid princess from being tossed on the floor. The duo scrambled around fixing themselves up before Arcelia opened the carriage door. But they knew there was little they could do about the situation. A desire to protect the land-walker did not drive the mermaid princess. Rather, it was a desire to protect her own ego - her pride. If people heard a random land-walker caused her current condition, then she knew her sisters would have a fun time teasing her about this. Since someone trained them to defend themselves.

    A gasp escaped the lips of the servants who had arrived to greet the third princess of the kingdom and her guest. They did not expect to see the blood scattered about the backseat of the carriage along with a duo of bloody and bruised individuals. “My princess! Guards! Guards!” A servant screamed out. Arcelia took a deep breath and raised her hand into the air. “There is no need for the guards, servant.” She told her, dismissing the notion. “As sad as it sounds, I ended up falling down some stairs and hurting myself.” She told an obvious lie to the servants. But her expression told them this was now the truth of the situation, and she would execute anyone who disagreed with this statement. Then an awkward silence filled the air while the servants looked at their princess before looking at each other. It seemed they almost wanted to voice something about the matter at hand, however, they held their tongue - not wanting to anger their princess.

    After a few more moments, the servants nodded their heads, understanding what their princess desired. “We understand, Princess Arcelia.” One servant replied before they all bowed before their princess. “And your guest?” The same servant said, looking up from their bowed position. “My guest fell as well during his attempt to keep me safe, yes,” Arcelia replied to them. “Now if there are not any other questions, I will escort my guest to the healing chambers so they may patch us up by using the healing waters there.” Arcelia had looked over to Cap’n Erik. The pirate had a dumbfounded expression plastered on his face - unsure of why she lied about what had happened. “I am sorry, my princess. Your father has expressed his desire to see you and the human guest the men at the front gate had informed him about.” One servant told her. “Very well, inform my father we shall be in there shortly.” The mermaid princess told them with a wave of her hand, dismissing the servants who greeted her. The servants and the carriage driver left them alone - electing not to get further involved in this situation on the threat of being executed.

    “Before we go any further, I want to clear the air of a few things, land-walker. I have not forgiven you for what you said to me earlier in the carriage. Never in my entire life has anyone spoken to me with such disrespect and I do not intend for that to be a common occurrence, understand? The only reason you are still breathing right now is because of the shame it would bring me if this real reason behind this situation could be uncovered by the others. So we both fell and ended up in this bloody state, understand? Do I make myself clear, land-walker? Do not worry, I will reward you as per our agreement for your services. Then you will get the bloody hell out of my kingdom.” Her eyes narrowed at him while a scowl graced her face.

    It was then that Cap’n Erik laughed, either out of relief or just to spite the princess, he laughed. “Hahaha. Aye. You are crystal clear, lass. I almost thought you would make some love confession toward me or pity me. But for the sake of your royal pride, I can see you doing this.” It was then his face hurt from the laughter and he winced a bit. Still, Erik found himself surprised by the mermaid’s words, her durability, and her strength. No… It was not surprising when he thought back on it. She could pull on his arm hard enough before to make the stitches on his arm come loose and the bleeding to start back again on the ship. “I am glad we have reached a mutual understanding. Now come, my father is waiting for us.” She responded - electing not to get upset by his comment or his laughter.

    Cap’n Erik and Princess Arcelia made their way along the coral path which led to the stone palace. At the entrance of the palace, there were two merman guards armed with tridents and were standing at attention. After witnessing their princess’ battered and bruised condition, they looked over and aimed their spears toward the auburn-haired pirate. “Men! I order you to stand down.” The mermaid princess told the men before they could strike the pirate captain down with their weapons. The mermen halted in their movement - standing at attention. “I understand how it appears because of our ragged appearances, but this man did not assault me. We… fell and ended up like this.” She said to them with a sigh. “Now, I command you to return to your posts and allow us inside. My father is expecting us.” With those words, the guards returned to their posts near the door.

    Cap’n Erik and Princess Arcelia continued on their way - going into the palace. They encountered no more trouble from the guards about their bloody and bruised appearances. It seemed the princess’ outburst at the palace gate caused the guards to not interfere anymore. The fact slightly impressed Erik that Arcelia could make an outrageous statement like this and not have anyone call her out on it. “Fancy.” Erik looked around the palace noticing the expensive rugs on the floor and the decorations lining the walls. It was then he noticed there were a lot of weapons lining the wall of the rooms.  

    After about five minutes of traversing through the palace, the duo stood in the middle of an enormous room. There were a few mermen and mermaids speaking and conversing amongst each other. A loud trumpet echoed through the room and a merman around ten feet tall floated into the room - taking a seat in the golden throne was around ten meters away from Erik and Arcelia. His slicked-back hair reminded a person of pepper and salt - showing his age, but his physique would say otherwise. He was a mammoth sea creature.

    “Introducing the King of Merlora, his majesty, King Andaman. Bow for his highness.” The merman who had played the trumpet earlier announcing the king’s arrival. The nobles in the room bowed before their king along with Arcelia who was offering the proper respect to her father. King Andaman looked around the room and smiled as each individual bowed before him until he noticed one - a bloody and bruised human who was not. “Human. Why do you not bow before me?” He asked in a deep tone. His eyes met with Erik’s before he frowned and shook his head. “Sorry, your majesty. I just don’t make it a habit to bow before every person is royalty.” The pirate captain admitted.

    “Fool! Are you trying to get yourself killed?!” Arcelia said - annoyed at the fact this human was defying her father. “I see… Arcelia, I heard from the servants you ended up hurt when you and this human fell. I was curious about the human you brought back with you and who rescued you. In return for your service, I will not have you executed for your disrespect this time.  Now, we shall speak more, once you are done healing in the chambers, Arcelia and her guest.” He said - waving them away with a flick of his hand. “Thank you, father!” She said before she sighed a bit. Then, she grabbed Erik by the arm and dragged him off. “You do not know how lucky you are at the moment, land-walker.” She told him before going on a rant about his stupidity.

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