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X-Men Inception || JCInk Premium

XMI Staff

X-Men Inception || JCInk Premium  Empty X-Men Inception || JCInk Premium

Post by XMI Staff 25th April 2020, 1:49 pm

X-Men Inception || JCInk Premium  NsKjsEm

On September 5, 2019, the unthinkable happened in the lives of the X-Men: their leader and mentor, Professor Charles Xavier, disappeared. Not only that, his former friend and colleague-turned-super villain, Erik Lehnsherr, disappeared as well. Where either of these men went is anyone's guess. No trace of either has been found.

Scott Summers has taken over as interim headmaster of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, a position he is not entirely comfortable in. New mutants are popping up all the time and the population of the Institute is expanding.

The Brotherhood have disbanded without their leader and Mystique refuses to step in but that usually means she has another plan, one called Freedom Force.

Recently, an unknown foe played its hand, unleashing Sentinels at an anti-mutant rally led by none other than Graydon Creed. He, like many others, are merely pawns. Who is this new menace? Or old foe, as the case may be and could they be behind the disappearance of Xavier and Magneto? Secrets will begin unraveling soon.

Where we go from here is your story. Do you want to join the X-Men in searching for their beloved mentor? Are you more interested in being a New Mutant and learning how to control your powers in the midst of the most dangerous time thus far for mutants? Do you believe that Mystique and Freedom Force has a better option?

Wherever you end up, play your part well. You might not survive the consequences otherwise.

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X-Men Inception || JCInk Premium  Empty Re: X-Men Inception || JCInk Premium

Post by Althea 25th April 2020, 2:37 pm

Linked back, thank you~


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