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    Spell-thief (Completed)


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    Post by Guest 28th May 2020, 2:56 pm

    "How fortuitous for me, I am now once again in the good graces of the almighty Caith Sith"

    Faustein said with a slight rumbling chuckle as he heard Hex remark about how the Duke was even more raunchy and pervy than he was, but of course, Faustein was nothing of the sort. If Hex was particularly sensitive, then she would feel the vibrations from his chuckle resound through her since she was perched atop his shoulder at the moment. Then, he continued to proceed with his part of the mission plan, aka teleporting the female captives to safety. For some reason, before they went, some of the female captives looked terrified of him, and that fear only seemed to grow when their eyes met his crimson red gaze which seemed to glow ominously in the darkness of the dungeon and of course, out in the streets as well. Some others among them gave him some other strange, almost longing looks which again he could not fathom, but regardless, he continued his mission in his usual oblivious manner, with his mind focused solely on the task at hand.

    Before long, even though it had taken him a good while, he and Hex somehow managed to get all the captives to safety and were now standing in the empty dungeon. As they watched Temperance aka Selina duke it out with the Duke, Faustein was highly amused at the number of disguises or outfits she seemed to have in her possession

    "Your Mistress is quite the Cinderella, I see. How very amusing, indeed."

    He said while shooting Hex a sidelong glance which clearly showed his hauntingly bright crimson red eyes glinting with the light of mirth. Of course, the rest of his face still had that bored and impassive, inscrutable look as per usual. Then, he figured he should assist Temperance at least a little, so he went into his spells from before once again. He aimed his hands in the charging Duke's direction while holding them in that diamond shape as before as he cast his "Diagnoscope" spell and thus, the image of the charging Duke and his weapons was now displayed on the hard light targeting reticule hologram. He then cast his teleportation spell, "Xénosómectomy". He pointed straight at the Duke with three fingers in a triangle form and then turned them towards himself after making a slicing gesture with them. If his spell was successful in making contact, the Duke would find his weapons teleported away from his hands and into the dungeon at Faustein's feet even as the Duke kept heading forward in his charge toward Temperance. It remained to be seen if his spell was successful and also if Temperance would know how to make the best use of the situation at hand.


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    Spell-thief (Completed) - Page 2 Empty Re: Spell-thief (Completed)

    Post by Temperance 2nd June 2020, 12:47 pm

    Faust's comment about being a Cinderella made the cat turn to him. "Please! She needs no prince to save her! She is a Carmen! Mreow!!" Hex corrected with a cheer in her voice.

    However that very moment--- things seemed to change. In that charge to strike, Temperance was ready to move in as the two charged but...


    The wide-eyed look on her face was clear as the Duke bore his sword through her adomine. It would be enough to shock both Hex and Faust who watched on. The look of glee was clear on the Duke's face as he had stabbed her clean through, causing Temperance to fall backwards--dropping her daggers. She fell to the floor, the sword still in her chest as it clanged, soundlessly and motionlessly.

    "Mrrreoow!!" Hex meowed, started.

    "HAHAHA! THat will teach you, you ungrateful bitch! I had hoped to nail you just not figurati-- huh?!" he boasted but soon something happened.

    The view of Temperance's body clad in the blue cowl suddenly shimmered-- then shattered into specks of blue light as if it was glass! The sword was on the ground-- and not a drip of blood on it. No doubt the situation would baffle everyone, including Faust but the Duke was flabbergasted.

    "W-What the hell--?!" he gasped.


    A sharp, light appeared that of a blade-- and seen across the Duke's neck. He froze as the feel of the sharp, cold steel was there-- followed by the pressure and body of someone behind him. "I told you not to take your eyes off me..." the further shimmer of light revealed Temperance once more, her arm secure around the Duke and her pressed to his back. The way she was against him might of been purposefully seductive, but threatening as she could slit his throat if she wished.

    Fright turned to delight as Hex meowed once more, realizing she knew that trick but fell for it too quickly. "YAY! The old mirage-invisibility cloak trick-- mreow!!" she cheered.

    "After all, you forgot the first rule of magic," Temperance said... with that, she gave a sharp bang to the back of the Duke's neck-- the blunt of her other dagger. A groan escaped him as the strike landed to knock him out, causing him to fall forward and she removed the dagger-- allowing him to hit the ground. As he laid there unconscious, she smirked and looked to Faust and Hex. "Always be the smartest one in the room."

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    Spell-thief (Completed) - Page 2 Empty Re: Spell-thief (Completed)

    Post by Guest 2nd June 2020, 9:01 pm

    When Hex had remarked about how her mistress, aka Temperance was no damsel in distress, but a phantom thief caoable of holding her own, he realized rhe little black kitty had not understood his meaning. So he countered

    "That is not quite what I had meant, but sure. It would appear there is merit in your claim about your Mistress."

    Then, Faustein watched calmly as the battle progressed, finding intriguing that the Duke was somehow able to keep hold of his weapons despite having a teleport spell aimed at him.

    Perhaps my aim was off by a few degrees that time, or maybe the Duke has some kind of shielding magic protecting him from. disarmament. Oh well, at least i gleaned some data on the man from this.

    He thought with an amused smirk as he watched the Duke apparently run his swords through Temperance, and to all appearances kill her. Of course, he did not react as he was atleast partially certain that this was some sort of trick on her part. The next sequence of events proved his suspicions to be true after all. She had reappeared with not a scratch on her and then had quickly overpowered the Duke from behind, to which Faustein remarked with a deep, rumbling chuckle which echoed across the chamber

    "Impressive trick there, and with that, I suppose we can pronounce this job as officially complete."

    Saying thus, he vanished from view and reappeared behind Temperance and as he landed silently on the floor, in one smooth swift move, he took the book from its holding area and placed it in one of the open pockets he could see in Temperance's attire. A split second later, he had vanished once more, this time right from. under Hex but not before leaving his disembodied voice full of amusement resounding through the air for a brief few moments

    "This has been a most amusing time, mademoiselle. So, you two have my gratitude for having entertained me for so long tonight. Now, i bid you ladies, a fond adieu as I take my leave till next we meet."

    By the time his voice faded away from the air all around Temperance and Hex, Faustein was already far away from the Duke's mansion and actually had reached his home in Magnolia, intending to call it a night after some rather intense work. He was sure that at some point he would run into both Temperance and Hex since they were after all in the same guild. For the time being though, he let sweet sleep take him into the land of dreams.


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