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    A.L.E.X.A. Empty A.L.E.X.A.

    Post by LibertyGear on 20th April 2020, 12:29 pm


    Unknown Summoning Key

    Artificial Lifeform Experimental Assistant

    Summon Melee Damage:
    User Rank Unknown Summon Melee Damage (Up to H)

    Summon HP:
    User Rank Unknown Summon HP (Up to H)

    User Rank Burst Range (Up to H)

    User Rank Burst Speed (Up to H)

    User Rank Max (Up to H)

    Proof of purchase:

    Several decades ago, this creature, donned by scientists as 'Alexa', was originally found by space explorers on planet Shinku. Left in an abandoned bio-lab as an incomplete experiment, she was brought back to Earthland where scientists worked on her for years in the hopes of re-animating her. They programmed her with a servile nature, and designed her to provide assistance to whoever is her registered 'Master'. She was even programmed with a combat setting, only to be used in case there was a need for her programmer to be defended, some governing leaders, though, arguing that she was being wasted and she had the capabilities of a great weapon. The scientists refused to hand her over as a military weapon and shortly after their facility was attacked. In an attempt to prevent her from falling into the hands of those who would misuse, the head scientist, Dr. M. Lambert, bound her to a key and hid her summoning key in the laboratory where she wouldn't be found. The laboratory was burned to the ground, all the scientists that had worked on her disappeared, and any data that had been collected on her was wiped, leaving no trace of Alexa's existence, aside from a mysterious key, hidden deep within the labs remains.

    A.L.E.X.A. MuiDH2f


    Plot Ability:

    Assist Mode: When Alexa is in assist mode, she is capable of several feats that have been programmed into her. She has access to unlimited information and can shuffle through millions of terabytes of data. She also can play any music of the Master's choice.

    Mecha Hands: When none of her Combat modes are activated Alexa's hands are normal-sized, allowing her to assist with normal tasks without inconvenience. However, as soon as any of her combat codes are activated, her hands will increase up to five times their original size.

    Name: Defence Mode Activated
    Rank: User Rank (Up to H)
    Category: Defensive
    Type: Burst, Buff
    Durability: User Ranked Burst Damage x3 + 50%
    Range: User Rank Burst Range
    Speed: User Rank Burst Speed
    Duration: User Rank Max
    Downside: Sacrificing 2 effects for 50% more Durability
    Description: Alexa stretches out her right hand, and releases a wall of tiny nanotech particles that spread out in front of her. This wall shields Alexa and anyone behind her against oncoming attacks, once activated Alexa's owner and any allies in burst range receive a user ranked active buff to durability (Capped at H) for the remainder of the spell's duration. During its duration, this shields HP will restore at the beginning of each post.

    Name: Treatment Mode Activated
    Rank: User Rank (Up to H)
    Category: Supportive
    Type: Single Target, Buff, Negation, Regen
    Healing: User Rank Single Target Healing +50%
    Range: Melee
    Speed: Melee
    Duration: User Rank Max
    Downside: Sacrifices Range and Speed for 50% more Healing
    Description: When this ability is active, once per post, Alexa can activate this mode and administer treatment for any wound, healing a target's HP. Any equipment necessary is predesigned into the technology of her arms, that are also able to produce anesthetic chemicals that dull the pain of anyone she treats. Once activated, both her owner and Alexa receive a user rank active buff to Spell Healing for the remainder of the ability's duration. Her owner, if treated, will also receive a 5% HP regen once per post for the remainder of the ability's duration. Additionally, once per post, Alexa's treatment is able to negate the effects of one spell or ability that has been inflicted on the patient (Up to the Rank of the ability), granted her owner pays the required Mana Cost of the effect being negated.

    Name: Attack Mode Activated
    Rank: User Rank Advanced (Up to H+)
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Multi Target, Piercing, Drain, Buff
    Damage: User Rank Advanced Multi Target Damage
    Range: User Rank Advanced Multi Target Range
    Speed: User Rank Advanced Multi Target Speed
    Duration: User Rank Advanced Max
    Description: When Combat is activated, Alexa's left hand bears a laser cannon that can fire off several high-power lasers at her targets. These lasers can even be split off to hit multiple targets at once. Once activated both Alexa and her owner receive a user-ranked advanced active buff (Capped at H+) to Spell Damage for the remainder of the ability's duration. If these lasers hit a shield, barrier, or armor, they will pierce through, sacrificing 50% of the ability's base damage. Any targets hit by this attack will receive a drain of 5% to their HP once per post for the remainder of the ability's duration.


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