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    A Little Help (ER/Intro)

    Morgana Primrose
    Morgana Primrose

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    A Little Help (ER/Intro) Empty A Little Help (ER/Intro)

    Post by Morgana Primrose 19th April 2020, 2:11 pm

    A lone figure walked up the side of the mountain, shrouded in a fur cloak which hide their body well. The cold hadn't bothered them so often ever since returning to this world and feeling mostly cold for the majority of their day. Still, the idea of chopping off a limb or two because of being ill dressed for the weather wasn't one that seemed like a good outcome based on the severity of the pathway towards her goal: the very fortress atop Mt. Hakobe belonging to the guild known as Erring Rising. Many had come there in search of sanctuary or refuge, possibly as a place to practice magic without the limitations that most would would be so forgiving to allow. But her? She was sure that this hers be a very rare reason to join such an infamous guild.

    Her footsteps were hushed by the beautiful white falling down onto the ground, with her heels carrying her forward. Clk. Clk.

    It had been quite some time since she had been left out in the world like this. It was a rather unfortunate time to be fired from the company famous for its annual events which welcomed guild members from all over to partake in their joy. she was one of the many maids, likely one of the youngest physically, though she had stopped counting the years ever since she had left her father's manor so long ago. After which, she was offered a job on her attire and fit the role perfectly thanks to her bindings around her neck and wrists. She was unable to harm a soul with this body, the perfect image of restraint. Yet her appetite was anything but if the numerous cases of missing people were anything to go off of.

    So be it here that she found herself at the peak of the mountain, after several years of continued service. What lied in front of her was a castle of old, the gray and dreary color standing out among the platinum colored snow like an open, bleeding wound. The sight was one which brought back some faint memories, before this being inside of her had wrestled control of her since her raising. It reminded her of the paintings that her family had kept on display for so long, an age which had long past since the hair of a brush had graced the canvas. Her legs took the figure forward still, coming to rest in front of the doors to the gated fortress, looking up with lavender eyes that were once of an azure color. A pale hand was placed on the door and slowly pushed in. The scream of metal of wood filled the once silent air as the entrance to her respite was opened. The woman stepped inside and tugged the door behind her as quickly as she had entered.

    The air which greeted her was warmer than what lied outside, though where once vibrant white colors had danced around her, now lied a more dormant and tepid grays and blacks. She removed the cloak keeping her warm and draped it over her shoulder, kicking the snow and residue from her pristine heels before taking a gander around. The interior of the castle would be as dreary and appealing as the exterior would. She called out to the inhabitants, shouting,

    " 'Allo? Ai am looking for ze Errings Rising guild. Ai hope zat you do not mind me talking shelter from ze cold. "

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