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    Sabertooth, Represent!


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    Sabertooth, Represent! Empty Sabertooth, Represent!

    Post by Imai-chi on 18th April 2020, 9:35 am

    Oh dear god, no…

    Imai was likely the luckiest bastard in the world to have joined the guild of Sabertooth. He had grown up quite peacefully with his parents and little sisters in Shirotsume, and he was going to a wealthy engineering school at the center of the village. Mostly, Shirotsume was a villa village for elder, rich people to settle and live quite the lives, but he and his family had settled there a long time ago and were living an average life for people who were, originally, void of magic users. That was, until Imai began using magic himself, moved away and joined the saber-toothed wizards.

    And oooooooh boy, he was lucky. So lucky that he could cry out. His school life had turned for the worse in an instant, and excluding the details for now, it basically resulted in him being bullied and harassed by all of his classmates until he refused to go to school again. If he hadn’t developed magic, then he would’ve lived quite a sad life, really.

    So a festival was being held in the campus of the school to introduce the students to magic, wizards and the magic world beyond their borders. For this occasion, Sabertooth had been invited to send a few representatives to entertain these engineering students between the age of 10 to 19 years by showcasing magic and competing against other, smaller guilds that had been invited as well. It was written down on a flyer that the star wizard held in his clenching hands.

    The school was huge and surprisingly fine for an engineering school. This was due to all the money that the late-year students were making during their studies as they were inventing devices and tools as well as working part-time for many of the building companies that proudly took credit for having built most of Shirotsume’s expensive villas. With statues and seals on their walls with suns and moons along with marble bricks and brightly-colored roofs, this school looked more like a private school for geniuses than an engineering school. It was called ‘Shirotsume WW High’ where the WW stood for ‘White Wing’, which was a homage to the town’s name itself.

    Some of the other guilds’ booths were already put up, and people were filling up the campus already. There were three other guilds present given by the number of booths, but hey; save the best for last, eh?

    The other wizards at those booths were showcasing different Elemental Magic as well as a few Takeover Magic users. The kids and young thoroughly expressed their intrigues in various gasps and laughters, but Imai was far from happy to be here at all. As a matter of fact, he was hiding his face away behind the request paper that they got from the guild in order to not be recognized. Maybe he could go through without being spotted and, thus, gain the payment for their duties without embarrassing himself.

    He wasn’t the only Sabertooth Wizard going to represent their guild here. His lovely friend and fellow Ace, Gaia, had tagged along with him for who knew what reasons. Maybe, she was being such a sister with her helping hand stretched towards him as he didn’t have to go alone, but she didn’t know about his past here, for he hadn’t told her anything! Then again, it was okay; no, it was totally fine and actually very beneficial for her to be here, for now he could always go with plan B if people did recognize him! If that came to be, he could always be like ‘yeah, this is my friend, Gaia! I know, totes’ babe, but we’re totally cool if you know what I mean, hehe’ and make all his two friends here jealous of him to the point where they would want to choke the life out of him.

    Mai was here, too. Imai had picked her up himself and carried her all the way here without saying anything due to how distraught he was with the whole idea. He had tied Mai up for good measure - just as a failsafe. And for extra sealing, a picture of Luna was taped onto her face to calm her down…

    What he was doing was likely child abuse to some degree. That was why he had put Mai next to Gaia and began shivering in the corner of the wagon as they were approaching the school. Velvet was flying somewhere near them, for she too agreed to come along. Maybe he could just hide behind all of them and pretend that he didn’t exist, but he doubted that that would work for too long.


    The wagon had stopped, and they were located right in front of the gateway to the campus of Shirotsume WW High. While most were at the campus right now, there was still space enough to move items and tools around. The booth for the Sabertooth guild was set up for them, so they could just go there and put their things up - then they would begin drawing in students to see some arcane skills.

    However, there were some familiar faces to Imai waiting for him right outside the gate. An adult version fo him along with his wife and a small, red-haired girl with twin-tails stood near the wagon and recognized it as well as the boy who was hiding inside of it. There were also two dudes donning the engineering school’s uniforms; one whose head was balding too fast for a guy his age, and another one with thick, round glasses and otherwise average hair. They both climbed up on the wagon with excite and called for their old friend:

    “Yoooooy! Can’t goddamn believe ya got yo habanero-looking ass all the way over he- oh shit, there’s a child…” the one who was balding spoke up only to cut down on his habit for cursing as he spotted Mai’s body tied up, “… W-What? Are they your friends or what? Also, dude, Imaiiiiiiiii! You looking too pale, man! Did ya see a ghost, or…?”

    “Just open the wagon for them, already!” the vermillion-haired lady who was none other than Imai’s mother commanded the two brats around Imai’s age to do instead of blabbering. Yes, they had missed their friend for a while, but he was clearly accompanied by professional wizards! The one with the glasses especially kept his eyes on Gaia while the balding one opened the door out of the wagon just as an act of politeness to them. The balding dude almost fell off the wagon once he spotted Velvet flying, though.

    “Welcome to Shirotsume, Sabertooth! I’m Guma-“
    “-and I’m Koumori-“
    “-and we want to thank you all for having taken such good care of our boy, Imai! We’re really in your debt… w-wait, is he alright?”

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    Shirotsume WW High:

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    Koumori, Mom

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    Koguma, Little Sis

    Imai's Two Only Friends From Here:

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    Washi and Hoshi


    Velvet Skydancer
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    Sabertooth, Represent! Empty Re: Sabertooth, Represent!

    Post by Velvet Skydancer on 21st April 2020, 4:04 am

    Velvet Skydancer

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    Quite how Velvet had ended up tagging along for this journey was down to sheer luck, although whether good or bad remained to be seen. She'd just finished her morning routine - get up, go to Lion Beach, practice her dancing and using her magics, get back and have breakfast - when a commotion had caught her attention; one of the guild's Ace's, Imai - a slightly-too-friendly but perfectly harmless boy - was battling with a younger guild member whom Velvet had learned was called Mai. Of course this was a semi-regular occurrence at the guildhall, but this had been different as another Ace, a woman named Gaia, had also been involved. Velvet had been happy to remain clear of it all, since Gaia would surely be able to take care of it. But, as she was eating, she overheard something about a job the three were going on.

    Apparently they were headed to a school in a place called Shirotsume - something Imai seemed less than pleased about - and the idea was that Sabertooth, along with many other smaller guilds, had been asked to send representatives to show their magic to the students there. If the battle between Imai and Mai had caught her attention, this job had caught her interest. She listened intently as the duo and Gaia (mostly Gaia by this point) discussed the plans for the day and, as she spoke, Velvet found herself getting more and more excited for the idea, so much so that she couldn't stop herself as she finished her breakfast and had walked up to the group, volunteering to join them. Of course a part of it had been to hopefully make things a little more bearable for Gaia, but only a very small part. And that was how Velvet had found herself flying through the air - no way was she travelling by wagon like the others were, what with her motion sickness - travelling to a part of Fiore that she had never, ever been to before with a group of guildmates whom she barely knew, to show her magic off to a school she didn't know even existed until today. None of this had been in her plans for the day but hey, variety was the spice of life right?

    The Skydancer lowered herself to the ground as the group arrived to their destination and began to stretch her magic out to get some level of understanding for her new environment. There were five people stood near her at the moment; judging by their heights and the few voices that spoke, there was one child, two adolescents - one was either bald or had crazy short hair as there was no air resistance there - and two adults. The two adolescents were closer to the wagon whilst the adults and the child were stood a little further back. She smiled, partially to be friendly and partially out of pride that she was really beginning to pinpoint details like this. She bowed respectfully, first to the adults and the child and then to the two adolescents. "Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you all. I am Velvet of Sabertooth."

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    Sabertooth, Represent! Empty Re: Sabertooth, Represent!

    Post by Gaia on 10th June 2020, 10:06 pm

    The Divine Mage
    Gaia had been reading a new book she had checked out from Dagger Corps Library around the guildhall. She was wearing a deep blue halter top dress with a white tulle skirt underneath. On her right bicep was a ribbon tied on her arm and a pair of matching blue low heeled pumps on her feet. Her blue gale force glasses rested on the bridge of her nose as her burnt sienna eyes looked across the pages. Her pet snowy ferret, Noya, laid comfortably across her shoulders as she did so, as per usual. The tarot mage noticed Imai looking a little troubled as he looked at a flyer in the guild. She stood up and used her glasses to quickly read the flyer. The ferret seemed to awaken from her little nap to see what all the fuss was about.

    "Are you planning on going, Mr Uchuken?" The disappearance of her mentor had worried her a bit, but she had made sure to keep up on his mannerisms and how to be a good diplomat from when she had been around him. "I'll gladly accompany you to the festival. I also think having two aces would be lovely to have at the festival." She muses a bit. "Things have calmed down here, my babies are fine, and I wouldn't mind showing some students about magic. It might be a good experience for some of them. But also I could make it known that they don't have to have magic to be great as well." She nods to him. She looked over to Mai and gingerly reached her hand out to the girl for her to hold it. "And since I doubt you'll help out properly, I can take better care of Mai in Luna's steed temporarily. So Mai, if you listen and behave, I’ll let Luna know how you acted and she could give you a prize for behaving well." Small bribe for behaving well. If anything, Gaia could provide it for Luna.

    She proceeded to mention the small things she could do magic wise there, more for herself than for Imai, and noticed someone coming up. She bowed a little to the newcomer and smiled at them. Noya seemed excited to see a new person and her big eyes looked at them while Gaia had clapped a bit. "The more the merrier, I say. And we can show more students magic and that Sabertooth is a guild to be respected, especially as a legal guild." She nodded a little. Yes, other guilds can be respected, but she had to focus on Sabertooth and their reputation over theirs. The little ferret seemed to look smug at that and tilted her nose up happily.

    In the carriage, Gaia sat next to Mai with her legs crossed at the ankles and was reading on her iLac a bit. Her gale force glasses were in use at the same time as she was reading up on Shirotsume WW high and the accomplishments they had done over the years. She was rather impressed with what all as a whole the school has done for the community. Though, she also wanted to see the dirt on the school as well. Noya was resting on her lap, enjoying the ride as her master read on her iLac quietly. She had untied Mai and let her look at the picture that had been taped to her face, not liking how she was treated, and glaring at Imai as she sat across from him. She didn’t recall him being the kind to do that when she met him originally. It had been quite a while… but he still hadn’t struck her as the kind to tie up kids. She hoped her glare struck fear in him though, as it was more of a ‘try to fight me’ death glare.

    As the carriage stopped, Gaia put her iLac back in her little bag on her hip, and held her hand to Mai to grab hold of, intending to lead the young mage out first before her. Before they could get up though, two unfamiliar- at least to her- faces popped up inside before they could say anything. Her arm had gone out in front of Mai to block her, and one of her staffs were out and ready to strike at anyone who seemed a threat. Noya was growling and standing on her masters lap now, ready to attack as well. The only bad part about seeming on edge the majority of the time, or was it motherly instincts? She instantly calmed down though as she noticed the uniforms, and the fact that they were chatting up Imai rather casually. She glared though as the bald kid was cursing as the ferret got on her shoulders once again. “There is also a lady present, as well as two other adults behind you, and you’re on a school campus… You should watch your language regardless.” She spoke a little sharply to the student. As the woman called for the boys to open up the door, Gaia finished untying Mai, realizing she hadn’t gotten the rope off of her all the way, and let her get off of the wagon before her.

    When at least Gaia, Noya, and Mai were off the wagon, Gaia bowed slightly to Imai’s parents. Her bow was graceful enough that it didn’t even phase Noya and she could stand on the girls shoulders and seemed to mimic bowing their head. A sweet smile was on her face as she had bowed to the couple. “I am Gaia Sabin Dyer, an Ace of Sabertooth along with Imai. This is Miss Mai Stormschild, and this little snowy ferret here is my companion, Noya.” She looks up to see Velvet, and smiles softly to her. She was used to eyes on her as a model, so she didn’t pay too much mind to Imai’s glasses friend staring at her. She looked back to the carriage and took a deep breath. “To be honest, I am not sure if he is… he’s been like that since we left Ace of Spades?” She admits to his parents. “I assumed he was just simply excited to be here again.” She looked to Mai, and smiled softly. “I can take these two to the booth if you would like to catch up with Mr U-er Imai really quickly. Mr Uchuken! Feel free to catch up when you can!” She calls back to him in the carriage. She held her head up as she made her way towards the gate of the school.
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    Sabertooth, Represent! Empty Re: Sabertooth, Represent!

    Post by Mai Stormschild on 17th November 2020, 2:44 pm

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    Mai knew it. Imai truly was the scum of the earth, the most evil being in all of beingness! Mai was just minding her own business, trying to shoot birds with thin lines of water magic shot from her mouth and mostly failing when Imai just suddenly picked her up out of nowhere! Mai wriggled, Mai squirmed, but she found the evil Imai tying her up with a bunch of ropes, so tight Mai could not move! She was fully expecting to be tied to train tracks like that one movie she watched a few nights prior! The horror! He truly was a villain! Mai knew that when she saw the villain in the movie, it was a dead ringer for Imai! The twirly mustache! The big hat!

    Wait, Imai looked nothing like that, Mai realized for a moment. As soon as the realization had hit her, it left, Mai still convinced of Imai's villainy until she felt a small bit of tape cling to the front of her head and a sheet of paper put over her face. Clearly, this was what Imai was going to do before the train track tying, for certain! Mai struggled to take the paper off of her face when she realized what it was.

    "Miss Luna!" she cheered quietly to herself. She then heard the Space Lady talk about telling Miss Luna that she was good, and that Miss Luna would give a reward! Just knowing that Miss Luna was happy with her was a good enough reward in Mai's eyes! "Space Lady fwens with Miss Luna! Space Lady Gary tell Miss Luna I good and Miss Luna like me!"

    The entirety of the carriage ride, Mai found herself completely lost in her own little world, not even realizing that the bindings around her body were little more than a minor failsafe, even the small Mai easily being able to break them. No, rather she hummed merrily to herself in the back of the carriage, an off tune song that she came up with about Miss Luna. Every time she opened her eyes and saw the very blurry picture of Miss Luna's eye region, she giggled to herself lightly. Soon enough, they arrived at the place. Mai was not really paying attention, only realizing that the ropes were even there when Space Lady removed them. Mai, still with the picture attached to her face, jumped off the cart, still humming a song. Mai finally decided to take the picture off of her face and hugged it when the Space Lady said that they would go off. Mai obliged for a moment before she heard the name Imai.

    "Where's Imai! I wanna punchificatify him!" she shrieked, spinning around and looking for him before finally seeing him. She charged at him, lunging towards him unhindered and sinking her teeth into his shoulder. Imai tricked her and kidnapped her! Surely this was where those train tracks she was going to be tied to were!

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    Post by Imai-chi on 19th November 2020, 6:20 am

    ”*Gulp* T-That’s a first, milady… being warned of our tongu-“ Washi apologized to Gaia quite quickly, much to his friend’s discomfort - mostly over how he apologized. “Since when did you start using the word ‘milady’? Boi, if you don’t cut your-“
    “D-Don’t listen to him! He’s always full of cr-aaaaaaa… aaaaaaafty words?”

    A moment of awkward silence passed by between the two adolescents and old pals of Imai’s, glaring daggers into each other like they always did. When Gaia and Velvet greeted the heavenly wizard’s parents, they smiled and bowed back. Imai finally rose up on his feet and approached them, then was immediately pulled into a group hug by his parents with Koguma joining in after.

    “We’ve missed you so much, you little brat!” Koumori almost cried out, hoping to wake him up from his depressed state - and she sure succeeded. After about a couple years, she saw her dear son again and had to embrace him, knowing that his duties in a mage’s guild was time-taxing.

    “Right back at ya, mamabear!” Imai replied with joy and a grin on his face. Koumori cupped his childish face with her hands and planted a sweet kiss on his cheek before beginning to ask him: “Are you doing alright in the guild? Nothing happened to you, right? Let me check, you haven’t gotten hurt anywhere dangerous? Please, please, don’t tell me that you’ve been annoying any girls in Sabertooth-“

    “W-What?! No, Muuuum!” Imai protested with a bratty voice, his face flaring up in embarrassment as she just had to mention that little issue about him, “I’m an Ace, just like Gaia said!”

    “… W-Wait, an Ace? Is that true?” Koumori asked worryingly, switching between eyeing Gaia and Imai, “B-But that’s… woaw, it hasn’t been that long ago, has it?” She glared back at Guma who just sweated profusely at the whole ordeal.

    “… *gulp* H-Hey, Miss Dyer, has he been… a good Ace?”


    “Dad, what the hell?!” Imai protested even more, almost flailing his arms out, “So much for putting your trust in me, gee-“

    “W-What, I wasn’t trying to sound or b-be mean with that! Trust me, I have my full faith in you… b-but we both know that, uh… oh, should I even mention it…?” Guma mumbled while scratching the back of his head, “N-Nevermind, maybe I’ve been completely mistaken, or maybe you grew out of it… hehe! I really thought you’d still be a troublemaker, but it’s been so long since last time we met. I guess all kids grow up one day!”

    Koumori merely shook her head, reminiscing of how Imai and his papa bear always brawled with each other, had heated arguments over the silliest things, how Guma tried to teach Imai about the birds and the bees with quite the ridiculous results, and how they both just loved each other to the cores of their hearts. Not only did they look like each other, but they often acted like friendly rivals.

    Nonetheless, meeting wizards today was a big thing for them all. The two adolescents, Washi and Hoshi, began glaring directly at Gaia… out of familiarity. It felt as if… as if they had seen her before. They didn’t want to rush to any conclusions, but when she stated her name, their eyes flashed in a brief second.

    “H-Hey, Imai, quick one…” Washi asked his red-headed partner-in-crime before pulling him over the edge of the wagon and down to whisper something, “You little, flipping piglet blood snot, I’m starting to hate on you for real- no, just no funky way, that’s Gaia Sabyn from the Sorcerer Magazine! Would you mind pinching me, already…?!”

    “Y-Yup, that’s her… you heard her-“

    “No fucking way, my man! Is this for real?! And she’s from the guild you joined?! You actually hang out with her, like, every day?!” Hoshi joined in, his glasses about to burst into pieces.

    “Hehehe, I mean… we are well acquainted. She’s a dear fri- she’s dear to me, I mean… *cough* yes, mhm,” Imai spoke, trying to be ambiguous about the relationship between him and Gaia and, at the same time, not exactly lie to their faces. Although, he knew exactly what kind of reaction that it would trigger… in which his hair was roughly ruffled by Washi’s clenched fist.

    “You lucky bastard! God damn, you’ve gone to places, haven’t you, Imai?!” Washi expressed with joy and tints of jealousy in his release of tears, “And the flying chick is just so cute, too! Man, is your entire guild full of cuties?! I wanna be a wizard, too, damn it!” Hoshi tried to keep his glasses in check, but they already suffered from one crack on the left lens. They were really jealous.

    “… A-Anyway, it’s an honor to have you all here today - Miss Dyer, Miss Velvet, and you too, Miss Stormschild! We’ve been meaning to meet the guild our boy joined sometime,” Koumori - or the Imaima, Imama, Imaimama as well as other nicknames - expressed her gratitude to the Sabertooth Wizards. Imai had picked up Koguma and booped her nose. Gaia decided to advance towards the school’s gate, leaving Imai with his parents and Koguma, all the while the two adolescent students - the bald-headed Washi and the four-eyed Hoshi - tried to keep the sapphire-haired Tarot Mage company.

    “I-I’m lost for words, actually! I’ve seen you in the Sorcerer’s Magazine so many times - t-to think that you’re actually here is *huff* b-breathtaking!”

    “B-By all means, we’re really looking forward to see what magic Sabertooth is capable of! Buildings and coding is pretty cool, but magic blows all of that out of the water, really…!”

    Sabertooth, Represent! Ji0Zxms

    “Gee, look who’s taking all the attention now…” some stranger’s voice mumbled out loud - the voice originated from one of the booths belonging to a small guild called ‘Gold Locks’, where a group of five, outstanding wizards were readying up a lot of magical tools; staffs, books floating in the air, amulets and many more items. The second booth had a whole ‘color-themed patrollers’ theme going on and were too busy practicing poses for the showcase. They showed lots of confidence in their forms, with the red one almost screaming at his peers:

    Sabertooth, Represent! CWgeKQQ

    “C’mon, put more soul in it!”
    “We’re trying! Is the angle good enough?”
    “A little odd, gotta be completely perpendicular to Yellow’s!”
    “I can’t feel my feet…”
    “I can’t feel my everything-“
    “We’re looking great, guys! Let’s try one more time…!”

    The booth awaited Sabertooth and the guild’s wizards to ready up for what they had in store for the enthusiastic students who glared out of the windows inside the school’s main building.

    “Heeeeeey there, Little Sis! How you doing?” Imai greeted his adorable little sister, but tragedy approached him… by the declaration of Mai’s. Her teeth gnawed into his shoulder, and he let go of Koguma in a fit of fright. “Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!” he cried, running around the wagon with Mai hanging onto him by her fangs.

    Guma grabbed Mai by the collar and then held her up like a limp baby, another sweat drop trickling off of his face. “W-Wait, is she from Sabertooth, too?” he asked worryingly, “I didn’t know that children could enroll… isn’t- wait, that must be illegal in some areas-“

    “P-Papa, watch out! She’s crazy strong-“ Imai warned him, but Guma just laughed it off.

    “What do you mean? She looks adorable! Hey, Koguma, here’s a new friend for you - introduce yourself!” Guma asked his young daughter before putting Mai down to face the little, red-haired relative of Imai. Koguma smiled brightly, always happy to make new friends.

    “Hiiiiiii! I am Koguma!” she greeted, suddenly holding an ice cream stick in her hand, “I like ice cream! Do you like ice cream?”

    “Uhh… I’ll keep an eye on Mai, so you should g-go join Gaia. Be right there in a quickie,” Imai informed Velvet, his eyes drying out. Koguma was so friendly to Mai… but what if Mai hurt her? No, no, no way would she hurt a fellow kid! If anything, Mai and Koguma could go along - they both liked candy, teddy bears and climbing their big brother like he was some kind of obstacle course.
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