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    Find Them Puppers


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    Find Them Puppers Empty Find Them Puppers

    Post by Kumiko 10th April 2020, 6:01 am

    "And so that's why we need your assistance!" The old man said to the ever energetic Kumiko, the foxling standing before him with her head tilted to the side. She was at a rather wealthy couple's home which housed Magnolia's finest canine, Fluffy, and her newly birthed litter. Unfortunately, he had forgotten to latch the gate shut and small batch of pups had wandered off into the town. "Will you please bring back our little ones? They might be out there...starving to death, getting dirty, who knows what?!" Kumiko would respond with a single nod and then a thumbs up. "Don't worry? I'll get them back!" She left the house after a few more thanks and would set on patrolling the streets for any signs of the wayborn pooches.

    Her first stop was around the general store near the town's southern entrance. No signs of dog activity yet, as if she was looking for somebody who would look, act, and smell like a puppy. Wait...that's it! She had the best nose in the guild! A few sniffs here and there proved to pick up a variety of scents. The woman walking across from here with what smelled like the world's most expensive perfume, the flowers from the shop nearby, and...wet fur. It was heavy and low to the ground, but Kumiko could still pick it up just fine. It came from behind the building, which she would follow exclusively and come to find a gigantic mud puddle, with a fine looking, dirty puppy splashing around with a collar and tag that read "Duchess."

    "Gotcha!" Kumiko said, picking the messy puppy up and taking him under her arm after what felt like an eternity of licking and happy tail wags. She continued her patrol, dropping the girl off at the house for an extensive bath, and would then move towards the next place of mind where a dog would be: the pet store! The scent of animals crowded any kind of exact smell, though the first thing Kumiko saw was an employee feeding a dog outside. "Hey!" she called. "I'm looking for dogs that ran away! Where did you get him?" The employee would respond, pausing the pouring of food so that the dog could eat. "I found him just out here a couple of hours ago, pacing around so I just gave him some food in case the little guy's hungry." The puppy in question would look up from his meal and have a blue color, with the tag reading "Duke".

    "I'm collecting him from the owner near the park. Thanks for taking care of him for them!" Kumiko said. She picked the small beast up and into her awaiting arms while making her way back towards the house. When she arrived, the two owners would be busy showering Duchess with what appeared to be her third round of water and soap. She dropped Duke off and would collect her payment while getting to spend some time helping clean the pups and play with them after their little day of runaway.

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