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    Just Us & Your Ghost (Nessa/Louie)

    Nessa Cordelia Lux
    Nessa Cordelia Lux

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    Private Re: Just Us & Your Ghost (Nessa/Louie)

    Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux on 17th November 2020, 8:28 am

    I have died everyday waiting for you, Darling don't be afraid
    I have loved you for a thousand years, I'll love you for a thousand more
    Nessa Cordelia Lux

    The bar quickly erupted into a scene of chaos. The moment Cassie threw herself at Nessa, her body launched into self-defence mode. Sidestepping the girls attack, and throwing her right arm out, latching her hand around her wrist. Nessa would turn her body, using her left palm to grab the back of the girl's neck. With one swift motion, Nessa would turn her body, pulling the girl along with her. She would steer her toward the table, yanking her down all the while pushing her face down at the same time. The force of which would give Nessa the momentum to slam Cassie's face against the table with a hard snap.

    Nessa would let go of Cassie, stepping back and observing as the girl collected herself. "Wanna reconsider?" Nessa suggested her tone challenging, four years had passed since their last bout. During which Nessa had received plenty of combat training, her hand to hand combat, in particular, had been the first thing she had learned. She knew full well that Cassie had no chance, the issue was, she knew how relentless Cassie could be. The girl would too proud to do anything that would make her lose face. So, as expected she turned on Nessa again, wiping the fresh blood that spewed from her nose before charging once again.

    The onslaught of scrapping that ensued was nothing short of manic, Cassie would swipe and claw at her. And Nessa was parry every hit, slapping away her hits in easy fashion. The girl's attacks were uncoordinated and messy, much like everyone else in this bar. At this point, it was difficult to tell who was fighting who, people were pulled into the drama and a lot of them were just throwing punches without knowing why. Nessa ducked the swipe of Cassie's clawed hand, before jutting her right fist into the girl's gut with a firm jab. Cassie reeled over wheezing from the hit and stumbling back a step.

    Nessa could hear Louie shouting from somewhere amid the madness, but didn't really have enough time to glance over to him. As all of a sudden one of the girls Nessa had gone to school with, known as Heather, would jump toward her. Making a scrappy attempt to pull Nessa's hair, Nessa quickly countered this by turning toward her. Kicking her leg forward and sweeping it behind her knees. All the while, abruptly shoving her backwards over her leg. The force of which would knock the girl off her feet, forcing her into the ground with a hard crash.

    Nessa turned just in time to see Cassie coming at her with a bottle in hand. The white-haired girl would roll her eyes, her body glowing with golden light. As the bottle came down on her head, it would smash against the shield that she had covered herself in. "You won't win. Not this time Cassie." She told her over all the chanting that would begin. She could hear Louie's encouraging her, saying things that would only cause the Fairy Tail Ace to grin. It felt good to have someone back her, especially with the monumental importance of this moment. Finally being able to face Cassie, to put her truth out and deal with the sadness that had been buried inside her for the longest time. To tear out her secret and set it alight, letting it burn and screwing the consequence.

    Cassie threw her hand up at again, this time Nessa would catch it, twisting it in her grip and cause the girl to arch with it. Cassie looked up at her, her gaze burning with intense hatred. Lifting her chin, she would spit at Nessa. Up until this point, Nessa had managed to stay surprisingly calm, but the moment that this girl made such revolting action toward her, she snapped. No longer holding back, Nessa would take the girl by the hair, and drag her down onto her knees. Wrapping her fingers around the strands to get a better grip, she turned her face up toward her. "Go to hell Cassie." Letting go of her wrist, she pulled her fist back and brought it crashing into Cassie's face. Pulling it back and delivering two more merciless punches, the force of which would cause the girl's head to lull back as she slipped into unconsciousness. Nessa let her go, watching her fall to the floor with a hard thump, before looking up toward Louie and flashing him a victorious grin. So this was what it was like to go toe to toe with one's demons?

    Honestly, it felt really good.

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