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    The Hero Spirit; Strength of 1,000 Heroes! (W.I.P.)

    Sojiro Sakura
    Sojiro Sakura

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    The Hero Spirit; Strength of 1,000 Heroes! (W.I.P.) Empty The Hero Spirit; Strength of 1,000 Heroes! (W.I.P.)

    Post by Sojiro Sakura on 7th April 2020, 7:27 pm


    Magic Name: The Hero Spirit; Strength of 1,000 Heroes!

    Magic Type: Ancient Magic(+15% to Spell Damage), Requip Magic(2 Spells at once) and Takeover Magic(+15% to HP and MP)

    Description: After the hero known as Athos disappeared from this world, there were rumors that he had taken a turn down a darker path than intended. That was mostly true, Athos had lost his physical body and was instead sealed away for, hopefully, ever. Of course, things never go as planned and years later a person appeared in Earthland and claimed they were from another realm. They said they had found a contract of sorts and signed their name on the dotted line, only to find themselves summoned to another land. After coming to this realm, these people would soon become heroes and claim that a great Hero Spirit was the source of their power! It was said that with each generation of heroes that appeared and claimed this, they were seemingly stronger than the previous hero... And that was because they were stronger.

    The Hero Spirit, known as Athos, devours small parts of the hosts over the time that they are together. It is never enough to destroy them or even for it to be heavily noticeable but it does leave a piece of their soul with the spirit. Even when a hero dies in battle, or even old age, Athos' greatest power was to hold onto their knowledge. With every hero that died, the power that Athos held and could share with a hero only increased. One of the benefits of the Hero Spirit is the fact that it lets the user tap into its boundless knowledge and skills, granting them access to the memories, spells, and tactics of all the heroes that came before. The strength of the heroes beforehand is what helps new heroes protect themselves while trying to figure out their own magic, or even grants magic to those unable to normally use it.

    Unique Abilities:

    • Ethalas, The Battlemaster!: "Give me whatever weapon you see fit and I'll skewer my enemies with it!" Ethalas was a great warrior prodigy, known for being able to pick up a weapon and use it with trained skill. It didn't take long before Ethalas had mastered most weapons and moved on to hand-to-hand combat, something that he soon owned as well. On the battlefield there was very little the enemies could do to keep the man down! It took an assassin poisoning his food before he finally met his end, much too early.
    • [**]Ethalas' Memories:Thanks to Ethalas' memories, the Hero Spirit allows the host to use every type of weapon with varying levels of skill. Because of this, Sojiro is able to pick up any weapon and wield it with enough skill to pass as an adept. The battle prowess granted by Ethalas' memories makes mastering the use of any weapon much easier than it usually is, the same goes for hand-to-hand combat. If Sojiro ever encounters a weapon or fighting style that Ethalas did not master, he may be clumsy for a moment or two but it won't be long until the skill of a prodigy starts to shine through.

    • Grisha, The Knight Mage!: N/A

    • Phronesis, The Might Slayer!: N/A


    Takeover Spell: Right Arm of the Shinigami?

    Requip Spell: Turn blood into a blade, actual crimson steel and such?

    Create Bow and arrows from blood, release it in a strike? Multi-target.

    One Advanced Spell:


    Sojiro Sakura
    The Hero Spirit Contract (Lineage)
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