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    Anti-Magic Empty Anti-Magic

    Post by Gwydion 7th April 2020, 3:34 am


    Magic Name: Anti-Magic
    Magic Type: Ancient Magic [Solitary Benefit: +50% to either Strength.]
    Description: Percy doesn't actually possess any magic in his being. In fact, his body seems to reject it altogether as if allergic to it. Lacrimas, offensive spells, defensive spells, auxiliary spells; all magic that touches him makes him sick or could even kill him with prolonged exposure. However, one thing he can do that seems linked to his lineage is negate other peoples' magic. The Anti-Magic manifests itself as a light, slightly shimmery fog or haze that hungrily sucks up any magic it contacts and causes it to potentially disappear into nothingness. As a trade-off for not being able to use magic at all, fate has seen fit to allow his physical body to develop stronger due to his lack of magic power.

    Due to his condition, he doesn't use MP, or Magic Points, for his negations, but rather AMP, Anti-Magic Points. In the case of mechanics, AMP functions just like MP and has only been changed for plot purposes.

    Unique Abilities:

    • No-mage's Boon: Due to how his body produces and stores AMP, his abilities cost 50% less to use.
    • Natural Defense: Percy's strength in body allows him to endure physical hits, giving him a 50% resistance to all physical damage.



    D rank:

    c rank:

    B ranks:

    advanced spells:


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    Anti-Magic Empty Re: Anti-Magic

    Post by Shen Kadokawa 10th April 2020, 2:56 pm

    Anti-Magic 7A0mzdb



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