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    To Earthland And Beyond!


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    To Earthland And Beyond! Empty To Earthland And Beyond!

    Post by Elara 5th April 2020, 2:15 pm

    There were times where the bunny girl wondered just how on earthland the human race could even function at all. Here were about twenty of them, waiting in line in front of them for a passport and yet they couldn’t even wait patiently, preferring to complain and push their way to the front. It was quite sad in truth and Miranda just sighed and rolled her eyes, hoping that this little errand wouldn’t take too long. She’d only arrived at Hargeon that morning, ready to start her brand new life and yet here she was, having her first day spoiled by these buffoons. Her mother had never spoken too well of humanity and the red eyed woman was beginning to see why. If this was how they all behaved then she was going to end up pulling her hair out before too long. There was no order to this stupidity and that caused her to feel no end of frustration. She could have just put up with it but that was not the way she was taught and so, she briefly tapped into her magic and released a magical kiss, catching the cheek of a large male in front of her.

    Turning towards her, his eyes dimming as her magic took hold, the large figure would bow towards her and speak, his voice monotone, “What do you wish of me, Miss Bunny Girl?”

    “I’d like for you to clear out this rabble so that I may receive my passport,” Miranda answered. Her tone was calm but there was a hint of annoyance at the display of those in front of her. “Use whatever method you wish but I want these irritating fools out of my way, as soon as possible. If they can’t wait like decent folk then we will have to teach them how to behave. You may begin at once.”

    “Yes, Mistress,” the male replied, turning around before lamping the man in front of him with his fist, catching the unsuspecting man in the back of the head. With a shout, the victim would turn around and throw a punch towards Miranda’s puppet and that was where complete chaos erupted.

    Getting out of the way, the bunny girl would retreat to a safe distance and watch as the figure she’d corrupted would start hitting everyone in sight, his mind completely in the hands of the emotion mage. It was somewhat amusing to watch and a brief glimmer would appear in the innocent looking bluenette’s eyes as the absurdity took place in front of her. Control had to be established though and she’d learned a long time ago from her mother that sometimes violence was necessary although it was always nice if it wasn’t by your own hand. She did take joy in controlling others and she honestly believed that humanity deserved to be treated poorly, as they mistreated other beings, such as animals.

    The brawl didn’t last too long and soon the humans would be either lying on the floor in pain or had run off to safety. Taking advantage of this, Miranda would then simply walk up to the desk, smiling sweetly at the petrified staff.

    “May I have a passport, please?” She asked, her red eyes oozing with charm as the staff set about providing with what she wished. The whole task didn’t take longer than ten minutes and the bunny girl would soon be on her way, vanishing into the streets of Hargeon.

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