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    I found what you wanted!

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    I found what you wanted! Empty I found what you wanted!

    Post by Supreme One Magnus 3rd April 2020, 10:21 am

    When compared to the liveliness of Magnolia, the port town of Hargeon right now was eerily quiet. Of the few people who were dotted around town, all of them were regularly looking over their shoulders as Magnus arrived, and more than a few looked at Magnus with terrified eyes - at least until they saw his Fairy Tail guildmark. Whilst the guild wasn't considered a 'Legal' guild anymore, due to reasons Magnus didn't know or particularly care for, there was still a level of respect for the guild amongst the populace of Fiore. It would be one of these people - a town guard by the looks of his uniform - that would stop in front of Magnus, looking up at him with fear and yet relief in equal measure.

    "You came from Fairy Tail...you're here to help us, right?" he asked hopefully. Magnus looked down at the man and smiled. "Well I didn't walk here for fun!" he replied with a laugh that cut through the tense air like a knife, only causing more people to steer well clear of him. The man chuckled weakly in response, mostly trying not to look awkward. "Yes, well... here is the problem. As you'll have been told, we have a serial killer on the loose. We have tried to apprehend him ourselves but he's simply too powerful. We already lost one of our own to him just recently when we tried. We beg of you, please, apprehend him. We give permission for deadly force if necessary, just stop him."

    Magnus looked the man in the eye for a moment, and for that moment the guard looked worried that the Fairy Tail mage may make an attack on him. But instead Magnus smiled. "No holds barred...consider it done."


    The guard walked away and positioned himself behind some barrels after showing Magnus to the culprit's door. Whatever this Jacob man had done, he'd scarred this poor guard so much that he didn't want to be anywhere near. Thankfully that made Magnus' job easy - no potential casualties. Magnus stepped up to the door and immediately heard stomping behind it. A second later and a roar was heard from inside, followed by footsteps, heavy and fast approaching the door. Magnus reacted immediately.

    "Chaos Blast!"

    The magic burst from his hands and smashed through the door, sending the would be assailant on the other side flying across the room and through a table. Magnus stepped through the door and looked down at the man who was now pulling himself to his feet - and for a moment, felt sorry for him. Jacob Goodnight was a mess of a man, stocky and powerful but with a look in his eyes that told Magnus everything he needed to know - this man couldn't be saved. Upon closer inspection, Magnus could see that the mans arms were incredibly hairy, almost beast-like. His legs were muscular and scaled. His face was the only thing that remained untouched by whatever had mutated him, all except for his eyes; bloodshot with pupils the size of dinner plates. He'd broken a long, long time ago. By this point in his life, Jacob Goodnight was more beast than man.

    Magnus was doing the man a blessing. He brought his foot back and released a powerful kick to Jacob's jaw, sending the man sprawling further back again. But this time Jacob was ready, using his claw-like hand to regain his balance and pouncing back at Magnus faster than the Chaos Mage expected, even as he attempted to lean into the attack. The two collided, but Jacob had more momentum and thus the two barreled into the floor, through it, and into the basement below. The sudden impact of the basement floor did little to stop the two behemoths from wrestling one another as Jacob attempted to claw at Magnus' throat, only for Magnus to catch the madman's arm, then use his free hand to punch Jacob off. He then immediately gripped Jacob in a lock around his neck, with the beast-man thrashing and snarling in response. "I'm sorry!" The Fairy Tail mage shouted allowed before a sudden pulse of black and white burst into the man's skull. Jacob gave out a yelp on impact, then immediately fell limp in Magnus' arms. Magnus gave it a couple of seconds to ensure Jacob's pulse was gone, then he loosened his grip and let the body drop to the floor. After a moment to brush himself off, Magnus headed back upstairs where he was faced with the guard from before who looked at the mage sadly. "Thank you...and, I'm sorry. I found some paperwork by the door...the man was trying to use takeover magic. But it seems he was unable to properly use it. We have reason to believe that another may have had a hand in this...abomination."

    The guard sighed and shook his head. "We knew he was an odd one, but never did we think he'd become like this...and now we find out that, perhaps, it wasn't his fault. At least not entirely..."

    Magnus simply shook his head. He had nothing to say on the matter - two lives taken in the last week had left him drained. He walked out of the house and headed back to Magnolia without a single smile breaking across his face for the entire journey.

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