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    What kinda sport is a 'passport'?

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    What kinda sport is a 'passport'? Empty What kinda sport is a 'passport'?

    Post by Supreme One Magnus 3rd April 2020, 1:52 am

    "So I'm not here to get physical?"

    The confusion and disappointment was very evidently written across the Fairy Tail mage's face as the true details of his being here were outlined to him by a very small, but very friendly assistant who winced every time the larger man opened his mouth. "N-no sir, a Passport is like..." the smaller man began, then hesitated for a brief moment as he tried to think of the simplest and easiest way to explain what a Passport actually was - somehow he felt like using the word 'Passport' or even 'Pass' would only confused the brute in front of him even further, and confused brutes were usually liable to get aggressive.

    "...ah, they're like small bits of paper or card - depending on where you go to retrieve it and the resources at the time, but I digress - that allow you to travel to other countries in Earthland without the authorities - that is, the Rune Knights or their equivalent in the other countries - attempting to tackle...or rather, attempting to prevent you from entering."

    Magnus listened intently to the smaller man, clearly taking in as much of what he was being told as possible. After a few moments he nodded. "You use too many long and silly words...but what you say is I get a piece of paper or card and I can travel around Earthland without being attacked. I...guess that's useful. I quite like combat, and I REALLY like combat that I don't know is coming!" The big man laughed a hearty laugh, causing the assistant to jump away for a moment in panic. "But this...'Passport'...it could be help. I will get one." he declared, much to the assistant's renewed relief - it meant that he could now pass Magnus over to a colleague and be done with it all.

    The duo - quite the sight to the assistant's colleagues given the near two-foot height difference - approached a desk where a woman was sitting. The woman smirked as her colleague and the giant man came towards her. The assistant gave her a look as if telling her to say absolutely nothing. "This gentleman would like a passport Lucia, if you would be so kind as to help him." The assistant's sudden confidence vanished immediately as Magnus burst out into laughter again. "Gentle man? BWAHAHA! I am not GENTLE! I am what I am, do not lie to your friends to not hurt me!"

    The assistant looked at his colleague with a new expression - one that said 'why am I still doing this job' and 'this guy is nuts' in equal measure - before walking away. The woman, Lucia, simply smiled in response before looking at Magnus and chuckling. "So, a passport. All I need you to do is fill in this form for me and then we're good to go." she said, handing a sheet of paper and a quill to Magnus. The Chaos mage's expression suddenly changed from smiley and upbeat, to a look of sadness and disappointment. "Oh...Um...I don't...I don't need a passport." he muttered, and began to turn away.

    Lucia acted quickly - she couldn't afford to lose commission on another passport today - and leapt up from her seat behind the desk and in front of Magnus at ungodly speed. "Why the change of heart? Is there a problem with the form? Anything I can help you with?" The questions tumbled out of her mouth. Magnus simply sighed. He was going to have to eat his pride. "I...can't read. Or write." he responded sheepishly, rubbing his arm awkwardly.

    Lucia's entire demeanour changed almost immediately; what at first had been a case of simply getting the job done now turned into genuine sympathy for the man in front of her and her heart melted for him. She gave a soft chuckle and put her hand gently on his arm. "That's fine, then I'll ask you questions, you can answer them, and I'll write the answers in for you. How does that sound?"

    And just like that Magnus was back, a stupid grin etched back on his face again. "SUPER!"
    "Excellent, then we'll start with the simple questions first. What's your name?"
    "Magnus Gyre!"
    "Wizarding Guild?"
    "Fairy Tail!"

    This continued for a few minutes until the entire form was completed. Lucia then took a photograph of Magnus - which took far too long as he kept flexing despite being told not to (which Lucia actually didn't mind as she pocketed a few photos for herself) - before finally, about an hour after the process had started, Magnus was presented with his very own passport. He smiled at it, then at Lucia. "Thank you Lucy-" he hadn't yet worked out that her full name was Lucia, he just assumed the man before had stuttered again after saying Lucy. "-for your help. I will keep this safe forever!" he declared loudly once more, causing Lucia to burst out laughing again. With that, the Fairy Tail mage left feeling proud of his achievement today, and leaving Lucia with a day she wouldn't forget for some time.


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