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    Passport Panic!


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    Passport Panic! Empty Passport Panic!

    Post by Kumiko 26th March 2020, 9:56 pm

    And so, here Kumiko was. In the local residential offices of Fiore with the pressing matter given to her by Mura himself. This time, she was tasked with...applying with a passport should she wish to travel all around the world outside of the guild's native lands. It confused the girl why she exactly required something like that if you could just travel by foot the entire way. Was it just something to make people feel better? Regardless of whatever it was, Kumiko stepped into the office and came face to face with the sheer amount of people lined up to collect their passports. There must have been like a billion people in front of her. The child would huff and try to squeeze by unnoticed by the person in front of her. She was met by a large meaty man putting his hand on the top of her head and her struggling. "Lemme go!" she cried, squirming around as the man shot her a rather unamused look. Thankfully she was just a kid, and thus immune to being beaten up for being a nuisance for a couple of more years at least. Instead, he pushed her back in place and muttered some colorful language under his breath that amounted to "damn kids these days."

    Now she was getting super impatient. It had been what, 5 minutes since she tried cutting in line. That was like an entire day gone past the drain. She needed to think of something quick to save herself from dying of boredom. So the child gazed forward and squinted her brows to focus on some of the others in line ahead of her. It was quick looksie that across from her position was a man who was just as burly as the one in front of her. Tattoos, beard, an unwavering sense of fashion disaster. The perfect candidate for a little fun! She would look around for something to throw, coming across it in the form of a penholder on a nearby table.

    "Oi, slagson!" Kumiko deepened her voice and tossed the box across the line, beaning the guy in the back of the head. The guy near the front turned around while holding the back of his head. His face was red with the anger of a thousand suns. He glared at the guy in from of Kumiko and would march over and forfeit his place in line "Who're you callin' a slagson, fatneck?" The innocent guy would seemed to not be totally in the mood for exchanging insults at the guy. "Same person's who's got the wrong guy, you simp lookin' softarm." After a few more words, a fight was born. The man in front of Kumiko would throw a solid jab at the man and a whirlwind of fists would be born in the room. People would back away from the line while Kumiko snuck around to the front of the line. Once it was her turn to step up, she did so and smiled at the man that was serving her. "Ohaiyouuu! One passport, please!"

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