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    Wine Tasting (Job- Solo)

    Tomura Momochi
    Tomura Momochi

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    Wine Tasting (Job- Solo) Empty Wine Tasting (Job- Solo)

    Post by Tomura Momochi on 23rd March 2020, 12:29 pm

    Wine Tasting

    It was about a week or two since Tomura had gotten back from helping the sailors. But it seems that as soon as he had set port and made his way to return to the guild, there was another job for him to take. Specifically, this job was rather simple and even refreshing. The owner of some high-class restaurant wanted Tomura to taste test some wines, and while it wasn’t the most exciting of jobs it was refreshing. Having a chance to sit down and have some nice delicious wine was not something he usually had the pleasure of, and therefore he certainly wasn’t going to deny this job request. Then again, he believed that no one in their right mind would turn down such an offer.

    Tomura arrived at the high-class restaurant approximately around lunch time. He was greeted at the door by the owner, who welcomed him in and escorted him to a single table. “I am so glad that you were able to come Sir Momochi, I hope that you do find the wine to be more than above average taste, yes?” the owner, a plump man with a fancy beard question. He was rubbing his hand excitingly, and pushed the chair in for Tomura. Honestly, one could get use to being treated like this, but he knew from experience that it would eventually get boring. "Indeed sir, from what I have heard from your reputation, you will not disappoint me." he placed on a gentle smile, and the owner clapped his hands and rushed off to grab the unique wine. The owner was honestly a bland but eccentric little man, but then again most people, even eccentric people, were bland to Tomura.

    The man came back with a glass of wine, and placed it at the table in front of Tomura. "Would the sir like some cheese? Or anything else." Tomura studied the deep red beverage, "Some water would be nice, please." the owner seemed to be offended, noticing this Tomura decided to explain. "Forgive me, I do not mean to offend you. I tend to be a bit of a light weight and I always drink water when drinking any alcoholic beverage, just to be cautious. And no cheese, I am afraid cheese will simply mess up my stomach."

    The man starred at Tomura, eagerly waiting for him to take a sip of his homemade special wine. Tomura was honestly starting to find him annoying, and was tempted to chastise him for being so impatient and rude. But he said nothing seeing that the gentlemen was allowing him to taste this for free, and show an decent amount of hospitality towards him. Therefore, after cocking his eyebrow upward and giving him a small glare, Tomura took the glass between his fingers, and swirled it a while as if mixing it and then took a small sip. It wasn't too bad. But it wasn't perfect, however, red wines were not his thing so he would have been naturally bias. "This is delicious sir, I must admit you did not fail to impress me." Tomura would comment. He stood chatted with the owner, who seemed to be happy that his wine tasted good. When he was done, the man thanked him, rewarded him, and Tomura went off to do his own thing.



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