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    Anchors Away! (Job Solo)

    Nicolas Protogenoi
    Nicolas Protogenoi

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    Anchors Away! (Job Solo) Empty Anchors Away! (Job Solo)

    Post by Nicolas Protogenoi 22nd March 2020, 7:22 pm

    Anchors Away

    While it was not exciting work, it was honest work that led him one step closer to his goals. Plus, getting further acquainted with the sailors who transported cargo would make him look good. Making a repour and connection with them could mean future connections and favors, something that he oh so desired. Who knows, some of those sailors may come to work for or with him one day. Therefore, it would be better to make a good impression now, instead of waiting until it was too late and making a bad reputation. Having a bad reputation was something that he did not want to do, at least not yet. Though he had to admit that Hargeon was not the most interesting of places in his opinion, but currently, at this moment in time that did not mater.

    It seemed that the captain was not impressed with his stature, which Tomura judged by the raised eyebrow that he was given and the captain looking him up and down. But he assured the man that he was able to pick up these boxes, and he would go out to prove that he was fully capable of changing cargo. The men were strong and big, built for heavy lifting and tampered by the sea. Therefore, it did not surprise Tomura when the commented on his lean build and his relatively slender frame. For now, the string mage would tolerate these small japs and jabs, as they were relatively innocent and lessor to him.

    But he managed to remain social with them and hold back whatever air of superiority he may emit. He moved some boxes and aided them in making sure that the cargo was secure on the ship. Even though it may be physically challenging to some, Tomura managed to handle his own, and it was actually easy simple and straightforward work. He had even manage to make some friendships or well at least blossoming friendships with some of the people in the crew. When it was time to leave, they invited Tomura to eat with them and share stories. They laugh and drank together, and enjoyed themselves while the ship left the ports. Tomura informed them that he was thinking about starting his own company, and hinted that they should come work for him, they seemed to have taken the thought into consideration. At least, he planted the seed within their mind, and it might blossom into something beautiful.

    The ride was relatively short and for the most part boring. Nothing interest had happen, no pirate attacks, no problems with the weather, it was honestly uneventful. Well, at least that gave him more time to chat with people on the ship and started the process of making connections among them. Eventually they were informed that they were docking and that it was time to unload the ship. He helped them unload the ship, and when he was done he thanked the sailors for their kindness and left to collect his reward.



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